Wednesday, January 7, 2015

UCW Union City, TN A New Beginning Results. New US Champion

NRG was set to Meet Lethal Injection for a UCW Tag Title Match in the Main Event of the evening. The two teams came out at the beginning of the Event to greet the fans. The Betrayal that followed was saddening. Lethal Injection left NRG lying in the ring.

 The Match was called a "Divas" Match due to the attitudes of both participants. It first started off as a Sing off which Oz Readily won and turned into a brawl due to Xander not being happy with the outcome. Oz took the win and made a challenge to Xander for a Baby Oil Match to happen Saturday Night Jan 10th.

In an unscheduled match Sarge was challenged by a returning foe, Bones. For his size Bones is a tenacious competitor and has given Sarge a run for his money in past meetings. Tonight was no different. Bones came out victorious with the use of a chain to take Sarge Down.

The two big men were scheduled to meet to see who was the big dog on the block. Showtime had other plans and challenged Boss to a loser leave UCW. The plan was set in motion by Showtime to rid UCW of a major challenge. It was a strain on the ring just to support the two giants. With every slam the ring shook and the welds strained. Showtime was instrumental in Officer Rage's offense and handed him the key to victory, a night stick. With one swift blow, the Boss was down and Officer Rage was declared the victor. The Boss is no longer a competitor in UCW.

On the line was the US Title, in a chain on a pole match. 666 and 187 have had their eyes set on the prize of the US Title since their return. Houston has defended the belt with success until almost losing it last week when a chain was used by 666. Tonight a chain was hung on the pole and anyone who took it down was able to use it. 666 however used the chain he had around his neck to weaken Houston as the match progressed. Houston was almost helpless until he pulled down the chain. 187 interfered and caused Houston to lose control over the chain. 666 swooped in and hit Houston with the recovered chain and pinned him for the win. New US champion, 666.

 The UCW Championship was put on the line. Terry Woods, who has only been wrestling for a little over a month was granted a shot due to his recent defeat of Officer Rage. Rocker was not impressed and expressed his displeasure. Rocker put Woods through the paces and barley let the youngster breath. In spectacular Rocker fashion a high frog splash, and a precision shot with Title belt to Terry's face led to the win. 1. 2.. 3... Rocker stays the UCW Champion.

 The UCW Tag Belts were the prize. They are held by NRG and Lethal Injection proved earlier in the evening they were hungry for the shot. The two teams are known for their aerial maneuvers and high risk mentality. The fans were treated to one of the hardest hitting matches of the evening and it was evident that all bets were off as far as any type of friendship that either team had for the other. I believe it was only due to the experience of NRG that allowed them to retain the UCW Tag titles.

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