Sunday, January 11, 2015

UCW, Union City Jan 10th Results Baby Oil Match Pics

JP and BB of the SOS have been taking on a lot of competition as of late and tonight they faced the Southern Outlaw and Street Hawk. The two new names in UCW appeared to have been over looked by the fans as well as the SOS. They however showed JP and BB that they were not to be taken lightly. The Outlaw decided that his team was not going to lose on the terms of the SOS, so he pulled out a chain and blasted JP with it in front of the referee. There was no other choice but to call for the disqualification on the Outlaw and Street Hawk.

Terry was set to face UCW Champion, Rocker, in a match. Due to another commitment, Rocker was not available and who other than Jay Moore stuck his nose in the matter. Jay challenged the young wrestler to face one of his Devil's Rejects, 911. A formidable opponent, 911 has not been in UCW for almost a year. Terry gave in and accepted the challenge. Jay Moore and the other Rejects made Terry pay for that decision with pain. Terry won the match via DQ, but has a war been declared?

 The US Title was up for grabs in an Indian death match. This is generally done with a length of leather strap, but UCW stepped it up and instead of a strap a 10ft length of steel chain attached the two combatants. Becky Biro announced that Jay Moore, 187 and 911 were bared from ringside, much to the displeasure of 666. Houston was relieved and felt he now had a fair chance. Houston took the advantage in the beginning of the match beating 666 with the chain. This however changed rapidly. 666 is evil and has no fear of taking someone out. Houston is as tough as they come. but was again cheated out of a victory at the hands of Jay Moore, 911 and 187. The use of a hard chain to the face, and Houston was down for the three count.

The Fans love NRG, in the first two pictures a loyal wrestling fan was set to meet one of his favorites, Anton Leveigh. This was prior to the match where NRG was to face Rage and Bones. In what was to be hoped to be a match that was against an un-established team of Rage and Bones, NRG, Anton and Ricky at first did not take the two seriously. This lack of judgment did not last long as Bones and Rage began to inflict punishment on Anton. Fortunately a well timed Tag to Ricky set balance back to the match and the UCW Tag Team Champions were able to come back and defeat Rage and Bones.

The stipulation was the first thrown into a pool of Baby Oil was the loser. Showtime was determined that Xander would not lose and it would be Oz to be thrown in the slippery mess. Oz had other plans and was ready to finish his differences with Xander. The two fought back and fourth until Oz was just about to dunk Xander in the pool. Showtime came in to the ring and tried to defend Xander's honor. Oz ducked Showtime's attack and with great pleasure laid a big kiss right on Showtime's lips. Overwritten with disgust, Showtime let his guard down and Oz knocked him into the vat of oil. With a big splash, Showtime writhed and wriggled his way out of the pool unable to balance. Trying to help Xander grabbed Showtime only to be taken into the pool with another big splash. To the roar of the crowd Xander and Showtime tried to leave the ring, but fell at every turn. Oz walked out of the arena proud of his victory.

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