Monday, January 26, 2015

UCW Anton Leveigh Vs Braykin Bones First match of the year contender

This is a match that I believe could be a contender for the match of the year. I know it is early, and I know many more matches will occur around the area. They will all have to compete with this one, that is for sure.
Derrick O'Dell

Who has the most skill? Anton or Bones? Tonight they faced each other to see just that. Anton is technically skilled and can fly with the best of them. Bones may be a "light weight" but he has the heart and determination that he backs up with skill and fearlessness. The two men put on a clinic as far as wrestling goes. Move for move, punch for punch, hold for hold. The crowd was treated to a spectacular match. Jay Moore, who accompanied Bones to the ring, was not satisfied with the back and forth. He wanted, no, demanded Bones to accept his assistance, and use a chain. Bones flatly refused multiple times. As the match continued, Anton was able to get the better of Bones and hit Bones with a "Border Destroyer" for the win. Anton made an impassioned speech speaking of his respect for Bones in how he fought as a man without Jay Moore's assistance. As Bones sat emotional about what was said and what had happened, Jay began to berate Bones and actually got in his face and called him a loser. When Bones turned to look at Anton, Jay Moore hid what he was doing behind Bones. When Bones stepped aside, Jay hit Anton with a face full of powder. It appeared Bones was going to help Anton recover, but instead he planed treachery. Bones blasted Anton knocking him out cold. Jay and Bones then kicked on Anton while he lay prone in the ring. Jay and Bones then celebrated their accomplishment and left the arena. I do not believe this is finished in Anton's mind.

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