Wednesday, January 14, 2015

PMTM's 30 Unheralded Wrestling Gems

For those of you haven't seen it yet, Michael Ward has a very entertaining website titled "Pass Me the Mike" and I highly suggest you check out.  I've read some really great stuff on there that I think any pro wrestling fan would enjoy.  Currently, he's breaking down his '30 Unheralded Wrestling Gems' which feature some great wrestling moments that sometime gets lost in the shuffle when great wrestling moments are discussed.  

#'s 30 - 25 can be found by clicking here!

#'s 24 - 19 can be found by clicking here!

I suggest after checking those out you scan back through the rest of the posts as well because Ward has some very entertaining views on wrestling and I think most readers of this site will enjoy them.  Go to and if you like it shoot him an email at and let him know that Gene sent ya!  While you're at it, like him on Facebook at and share it with your friends!

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