Monday, January 19, 2015

Match results from SPWA 1/17 in Ramer, TN

Decided to take a night off and go see the SPWA show in Ramer Saturday night. I have heard good things about this group, and the show Saturday night definitely lived up to the reports I have been getting.

Opening match was an over-the-top-rope battle royal to determine the number one contender for the SPWA Heavyweight Championship, with the winner to get a title shot later that night. Participants were Bill "Superstar" Dundee, Big Country, Corey Daniels, Chris Styles, Matt Taylor, Josh Matthews, Nathan Aulridge, & Alex Stone.
Order of elimination:
Big Country
Corey Daniels
Nathan Aulridge
Alex Stone
Josh Matthers
Chris Styles
Winner: Bill "Superstar" Dundee (Dundee gets a title shot later on)

Second match was a ladies match for the SPWA Ladies Championship, Katelynn Pride challenging champion Jade. Decent match, won by Jade. Jade retains the belt.

Next was Tennessee State Champion Nathan Aulridge defending against "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant. Aulridge was accompanied to the ring by the notorious Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock and Grady Watson. Valiant seemed on his way to victory, but Hollywood and Grady got involved. Hollywood threw powder in Valiant's face enabling Nathan Aulridge to get the pin. Once again Hollywood cheats in order for his man to win. Aulridge retains the belt. Great match.

Semi-Main Event was Bill "Superstar" Dundee challenging SPWA Heavyweight Champion DC for the belt. Excellent match from start to finish, with Dundee managing to get the pin. New SPWA Champion is Bill "Superstar" Dundee.

Main Event was "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert, Alan Stone, and Alex Stone taking on Chris Styles, Josh Matthews, and Big Nasty Bill, accompanied by Hollywood and Grady Watson. Doug Gilbert had issued a challenge, which Hollywood's team accepted, if Chris, Josh, or Bill was pinned by any member of Gilbert's team, Doug Gilbert would get a few minutes in the ring alone with Hollywood. The match was wild from the beginning, with Hollywood and Grady cheating every way they could think of, but eventually Gilbert's team won the match by pin fall. However, Gilbert never got his match with Hollywood. Alan Stone was handcuffed to the rope, and the Gilbert and Alex Stone were beaten down by Chris, Josh, Big Nasty Bill, Hollywood, & Grady. This continued for several minutes until SPWA Commissioner Jim Casey came to ring side and restored order. Hollywood continued to run his mouth, and a couple of fans went after him. It took five members of the security staff to finally stop one woman, who was finally made to go outside. Wild action, very enjoyable.

OK, folks, like I said, it was a very enjoyable show. There were no bad matches. If you are in the Ramer, Tennessee area, I highly recommend SPWA Wrestling. I will be back as often as I can.

Tia has posted some excellent photos from this event here on WNC, so check them out!

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