Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Gene Jackson goes 'One on One' w/ "Southern Stud" Waylon Rhodes

As I posted on Facebook, 2015 will be the year I excel at being the "King of All Wrestling Media", with the relaunch of the Cheap Heat TV YouTube Channel, the return of  'Locals to Legends Wrestling Radio' and the return of my column 'Vince Hates Us All' right here at Wrestling News Center.   The first new content for Cheap Heat TV is my new show called 'One on One' which will feature short interviews with various wrestlers asking them goofy questions just for the sake of having fun and giving them a chance to show off another side of their personality if you will.  If you want the more serious stuff check out the podcast.  My first 'One on One' was with a very entertaining guy from Georgia who wrestles for ProSouth Wrestling, "the Southern Stud" Waylon Rhodes.  The 2nd episode will come out later this week featuring a guy whose well known to WNC readers, Barry Wolf.   

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