Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Anarchy Wrestling results from 1/24 in Cornelia, GA

Anarchy Wrestling returned to the Church of Southern Wrestling in Cornelia, GA with a strong first show for new owner Charles Anshutz. Attendance looked to be in the 150 range. Crowd was involved and loud throughout a show that featured several of the biggest crowd pops in Anarchy history.

Show opened with Bill Behrens in ring who announced that Corey Hollis would return on Feb 14 and defend the TV Title, and that from now on TV Title matches would have 10 minute time limits. He said that the match between Slim J & Fred Yehi would b e the second match in a Best Of 5 series in which Slim J already had one win. Behrens also announced the debut of the IRON MAN series of match to determine Anarchy's 1st Iron Man. Each show going forward will feature an Iron Man series match. If the match goes to the time limit both me are eliminated. If someone wins he goes on the compete at the next show against a new opponent. The 1st wrestler to win 3 consecutive matches will be crowned as Anarchy's Iron Man.
You can read the rest of the excellent write up on this event at this link:

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