Monday, December 22, 2014

WNC 2014 Christmas Party at Logan's Roadhouse in Tupelo, Ms.

Most of the writers & photographers  from Wrestling News Center met at one of the best restaurants in Tupelo, Mississippi. That's Logan's Roadhouse located at 3954 North Gloster. We would like to say "THANK YOU"  to Kelley the manager at Logan's Roadhouse,   she works hard to make the customers happy. 
 We appreciate the great service we always get from Logan's Roadhouse and the food is awesome!! The made from scratch yeast rolls and the best steaks in town.  All the writers give Logans a THUMBS UP!!  Have you  tried the Logan's Onion Brewski Sirloin?  It's Logan's signature  8 oz Sirloin with crispy onions, Samuel Adams beer-braised onions & garlic butter served on a sizzlin’ cast iron skillet.smothered with garlic butter & topped with crispy onions. That's what I had and it's the BEST STEAK EVER!!  
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David Burcham, Neil Taylor, Tia Blaylock, Jay Blaylock, Derrick O'Dell, Jimmy Blaylock, D-Rock, Axeman & Terrence Ward.

   First time ever for writer/ photographer Derrick O'Dell to be with us at the WNC Christmas Party.
                     D-Rock & Tia Blaylock having a great time at the WNC Party. 
 It would have taken several wrestlers to keep Terrence Ward away from his food when it was brought out. 
This picture looks like David Burcham is thinking...if so..that would be the first time ever.
                            D-Rock with his pearly white teeth...Are they REAL??

                                 Axeman photo bomb by Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor
                                                          I love this picture, lol.

Here's our waitress who gave us great service  at Logan's Roadhouse.  
Here's a few classic pictures from our past WNC Party at Logan's Roadhouse in Tupelo. 
 Gene Jackson & Rose from last years party. We missed them this year. 
 Axeman & David Burcham fighting over the peanuts from 2008. 
  Tia , D-Rock & Billy Russ giving Logan's Roadhouse a Good Call from 2008
HTia Blaylock, Brian Reese, D-Rock, Jimmy Blaylock & Axeman from 2010. We all miss Brian Reese, Brian was an awesome person to be around and always made us smile.
 Tia Blaylock, Brian Reese, "Superstar" Bill Dundee, Jay Blaylock, Jimmy Blaylock, Gene Jackson, Axeman and D-Rock from the 2011 WNC Party.

The WNC crew works hard each and everyday to bring you results, pictures, & breaking news stories from all over the Mid-South area. The WNC crew would like to say "THANK YOU" to all our sponsors and "THANK YOU" to our visitors who visits Wrestling News Center  each and everyday. We appreciate each and everyone of you and hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas. 

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