Sunday, December 28, 2014

UCW Year End Event, The Nightmare before New Year, Results

Officer Rage Vs Terry Woods. The Stipulation, Hair Vs Hair. Terry Woods had to put up his hair and beard to get one more chance at Officer Rage. The two fought hard to gain a win so that they could humiliate their opponent by shaving the other's head. Terry had the crowds support and in the end came out victorious over Officer Rage. The fans were treated at the end to see Officer Rage have his hair somewhat removed. Terry felt that "Patches" of hair missing was more humiliating than shaving Officer Rage's whole head.

Rock Star Xander Legend Vs Oz. The Biros had a surprise for Xander and Showtime. A former friends and "Partner" of Xander's was making his return to UCW. The music hit and Oz appeared to the roar of the crowd. The two have a tainted history and tonight Oz wanted to make that history right. Back and forth, the two tried embarrassing each other, but it was a high flying Butt Bomb by Oz, on to the Rock Star, that took home the winners pay.

Houston Vs 666. The US Title was on the line once again, as Houston faced his most evil of challenges, 666, lead by the sinister 187. There is no wrestling when these two meet, only War. The fans were strongly behind Houston, but the advantage of 187, lead to an initial demise of the US Champion. A hard blow to the head, with the shrunken head carried by 187, lead to a 3 count by the referee against Houston. Fortunately for Houston, the protesting crowd showed the referee he had made an error, when he saw the head still lying in the ring like a smoking gun. The referee reversed the decision and awarded Houston the match.

Sarge O'Riley finally got his chance for a one on match against Chris Rocker for the UCW Championship, due to the absence of Jay Moore. This however, did not stop Rocker from treachery. Rocker is an experienced rule breaker and used every chance he could to bend and break the rules in his strategy against Sarge. Sarge is not a saint and was ready for most of Rocker's tricks. Rocker, who was armed with achain tried to level Sarge, but the keen eye of the referee stopped this travesty. Sarge in an attempt to pay back the breaking of the rules, pulled his own chain and attempted to use it on Rocker. The referee also caught Sarge and stopped this advance. The referee turned his attention to discarding the chains, and Rocker took the opportunity to end Sarge's chance to win the Title. Rocker picked up the belt and blasted Sarge. When the referee turned back around Rocker was covering Sarge. 1...2...3... Rocker retains the UCW Title.

The UCW Tag Titles were on the line. NRG was signed to defend the belts against SOS. A snag occurred that was not expected. Anton Leveigh had fallen Ill and was not able to wrestle. Ricky Andrews offered the SOS a solution, that allowed them to still wrestle for the belts. A new NRG member was waiting in the wings and ready to help Ricky defend the belts. JP and Billy agreed and the new member was called in. To the surprise of the crowd The Boss came out as Ricky's partner. The game plan of the SOS definitely had to change as the Giant man entered the ring. Even though the SOS gave a valiant effort, NRG was able to gain the win after a devastating Boss Bomb on Billy. NRG retains the UCW Tag Titles.

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