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Mike Tenay out as TNA commentator

When TNA Impact Wrestling debuts on Destination America in January 2015, former WWE commentator Josh Mathews is expected to replace long-time TNA commentator Mike Tenay as the play-by-play man according to a report by Mike Johnson.

This changed was reportedly expected as Tenay currently resides in Las Vegas, while Matthews now resides in Nashville where TNA headquarters is located. Matthews is currently working in Nashville after quietly being signed by the company a couple months ago once his non-compete clause with WWE expired.

Due to TNA garnering less money in their new television deal with Destination America, this was seen as a cost-cutting measure with Tenay previously being flown in from Las Vegas to fulfill his commentating duties with Taz. Taz will remain as color commentator on Impact Wrestling with Matthews and Tenay will also remain with TNA in a different role.

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Brett Hart Interview

Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated is featuring an interview with WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart. Here is one quote from the interview:

"I remember Steve Austin telling me before I left that he’d never go back to WCW. He said it was the most disorganized, chaotic place and you couldn’t get a clear answer out of anyone. I knew from day one with Eric Bischoff – especially that I was coming in with so much momentum – that these guys didn’t know what they were doing. I knew it was a dumb idea before I even went out. Behind the scenes, Bischoff pretended he was Vince McMahon. But he was really a puppet for Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan, and a handful of other guys who were telling him what to do. He was just a clueless idiot who never should have been in wrestling. He was as much of a liar as Vince ever was, but Vince was a very smart liar. Bischoff was just a clueless guy with no backbone and no brains."

You can read the rest of this excellent interview here:

Wild Fire Wrestling Returns to Minglewood Hall 12-18

The 5th Annual Southern Heavyweight Classic is just around the corner! Featuring Jerry "The King Lawler VS Bill Dundee, Brian Christopher VS Jeff Jarrett, and other great matches. Who will be crowned this year's tournament champion?

Dave Brown and Lance Russell reminisce about Memphis Wrestling on WMC Action News 5

(Source: WMC Action News 5)
MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) -The ringside pioneers of what became a world wide empire are reunited for a look back at how it all began. Together, WMC Action News 5's Dave Brown and Lance Russell put Memphis wrestling on the map.

Dave Brown (DB): I cannot tell you what a thrill it is for me to be here sitting next to this man once again. Lance Russell, the legend. You know, I've read on Wikipedia once that some people consider us the greatest wrestling announcing team in history. Well, if it's true it's because of this man right here. It is.

DB: We are sitting not five feet from the exact spot where we did Saturday morning wrestling for those many years, we were together for 25 of those years.

Lance Russell (LR): It makes me overcome all of the old aches and pains and that kind of stuff just to be back here with you, Dave.

LR: We've known each other 50 years. And in all that time he's been a boss, he's been a co-worker. Most importantly he's been a very good friend and we have never ever had a cross word between us and there aren't too many people who could...

LR: The thing that was unusual about Dave was that he was always willing to go a little bit more than what he had to to get the job done.

LR: You get with the fans now and they remember a lot more vividly than I do.

DB: You realized that the only competition on Saturday morning was children's shows.

LR: Absolute true, that's what it was.

DB: We pretty well had the audience to split between four ways and we ended up getting routinely 60 percent of it and in some cases, more than that every Saturday.

DB: Alright, let's look at some highlights. There's no way we could get in all of them, these are some of the things people talk about. One was comedian Andy Kaufman, who ended up in Memphis, Tennessee.

LR: He used to watch wrestling all the time as a kid. He grew up in Long Island. And he was just absolutely mesmerized with how the bad guys could control the audience.

DB: And it became perhaps the single most talked about event that ever happened in the Memphis territory of all the great things that happened here.

DB: The concession stand brawl there were a couple of them, but the real one was in Tupelo, Mississippi, absolutely. These guys were picking up these big institutional size jars of mustard and ketchup and pickles and they were heaving them at each other and breaking them. It was a mess.

DB: As our buddy Jackie Fargo used to say it was often imitated but never duplicated.

LR: Never duplicated, yes.

LR: There have been some big guys, but the Hulk came with such a force.

DB: Known worldwide [Hulk] and he started right here. Right about here.

DB: This [Macho Man Randy Savage] is one of the most talked about events. It hurt me when I saw it and it still hurts to this day.

DB: Sometimes our studio, as big as it is, could not contain all the action.

LR: We owe a lot to a lot of people and two of them are us, hahaha. Oh shucks, I didn't mean to say that.

DB: Thanks for being here. Thanks for being such a friend.

Hulk Hogan on getting his start in Memphis

Hulk Hogan (HH): Well, Lance Russell is a legend and he's still running strong, I'm telling you.

HH: Memphis and all those Mempho nights back in the day with handsome Jimmy Valiant, Jerry Lawler, Tojo Yamamoto, and the Fargos, I'm telling ya, that was where I got my start.

HH: That was where I got my start. Thats where I got the entertainment factor, you know, and Memphis was huge for me to get started. I also stole Jimmy Hart, Mouth of the South, from there and he's been my manager ever since.

HH: I mean, that was my start. I mean, I had to come on live TV when I'd walk into your studios and I had to have my act together.

HH: It wasn't a dress rehearsal. When you got pushed out of that curtain and you were on live TV in your studio it was wild. The crowds were wild and they helped me get my chops from being who I am today.

HH: Thank you guys and we love Memphis, Tennessee.

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ASWF Presents "Lizard Lick Live" Saturday December 6th

 ASWF  will have "Lizard Lick Towing" popular reality star Bobby Brantley December, 6th at the Valiant Arena located in Tuckerman, Arkansas. Bobby will be their signing autographs and taking pictures with the fans.  So have plans to be there early December, 6th . Also on the card will be Reggie B Fine, Women Wrestler Nikki Lane, Xcalibur,   Rockin Ricky, "Hollywood" Jimmy, Austin Lane, Demon X, "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton, Brandon Baxter,   Deady Dale , Reggie Montgomery, Vic Vicious, and  many more.  This will be a fundraiser for cancer patient Daryl Wall.   


RSWF This Saturday Night In Memphis Tn. Falls Count Anywhere Match!! BE THERE!!

CM Punk Finally Tells All in Massive Must Listen 2-Hour Interview on Colt Cabana’s Podcast “The Art of Wrestling”

“I don’t want this to be a shoot interview. I’m sure somebody would have paid me handsomely for this story, but that’s not what it’s about. Money’s not everything, ladies and gentlemen, and that will be a big theme in my story.”

Ten months after CM Punk walked off Monday Night Raw and hopped a plane to Chicago, the longest reigning WWE Champion of the modern era has finally dropped the interview millions of wrestling fans have been waiting for.

On a nearly two-hour edition of Colt Cabana’s podcast “The Art of Wrestling”, Punk gave a deep, no holds barred look inside his time in WWE, the reason he walked out on the company, his relationship with Vince McMahon and a whole lot more. You can check out the entire interview at the link above, and in our transcriptions on the next few pages.
“People Tweet me all the time that you can’t change [the company] from your couch in Chicago. I absolutely disagree, because that’s exactly what I did. When I split in January, they changed everything. Part of me thinks they changed a lot to spite me, and that’s fine, because certain people who deserved certain things, at certain times, got those things. And that’s something I never got.”
The “Straight-Edge Superstar” was obviously referring to Daniel Bryan, who ended up working two matches at WrestleMania 30 – including one with Triple H – to win the world title. According to reports at the time, Punk was supposed to work a match with “The Game” at the annual event.
“I’m the f****** happiest I’ve been in at least three years. I thought this thing that I loved, that I thought I loved, it just made me so miserable all the time. When you boil it all down, I was miserable. I was unhappy. F*** it, I made myself happy. I left. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but it was also a long time coming.” 
There are multiple stories in the interview where Punk calls Vince McMahon “out of touch”, and gave some great examples of how the company would take his creative ideas and give them away to other top stars. Prior to the Royal Rumble he wanted to walk UFC star Chael Sonnen to the ring for his fight in Chicago, but McMahon nixed the idea because he thought the sport was “barbaric”. Then several weeks later, Triple H ended up walking Floyd Mayweather to the ring for his fight.
“I’m talking to Vince, and I tell him that since I cut that promo, we got more mainstream attention. Everyone wanted to interview me, whether it was GQ Magazine, the cover of USA Today … I had legitimate companies approaching me, just wanting to give me money to sponsor me. I had a big money deal on the table, and I went to Vince … I told him my idea, said I wanted to do this sponsorship thing. I deserved it. I got all these new eyes on the product, and he says ‘nope, you can’t do that. Sponsors for Raw would get mad, the other wrestlers would get mad.’ A year later, Brock Lesnar comes back, and the mother-f***** has sponsors.”
 Regarding the WWE Network launch and how it effected the wrestlers’ bottom line, Punk stated that Vince had no clue how it would work for months in advance, and would laugh off questions from the roster.
“Shouldn’t you figure that out before I work on that PPV, so you can pay me accordingly? And nobody is asking questions because you’ll get punished. You get left off the PPV, they’ll take you off of Raw and they’ll take you off the house shows, and now you’re not making any money. WWE doesn’t do anything to protect the wrestlers, they do things to protect themselves. They do it so that it looks good to the public.” 
Interestingly, Punk noted that he sustained multiple injuries including a concussion, but continued to work hurt because he was the champion, and was “actively trying to convince” McMahon that dropping the title to The Rock was a terrible idea. He said that he began hoping for injury, and being excited about the idea of surgery because it would finally give him some time off. However, when he finally took off to get a surgery done, the company brought him back to the road a few days later to cut promos. Even then, an official called his doctor to clear him, and he was booked to wrestle on Raw with no notice, without ever seeing a doctor.

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 Here's this tell all podcast that's a must listen.  Warning: Contains strong language

VCA's Anniversary Show Highlights featuring TNA Impact Wrestling's Davey Richards 11/21/14-This Friday's Event Flyer

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No action this Saturday night at EPW but will return on a special night, Friday, December 5th. Kross Mann The EPW Heavyweight Champion will take on "The One" Cody Only The Central Wrestling Federation World Champion....a ladies match featuring Paris Kelly taking on Sarah Summers... also on the card Randy King, Bill Hills, Frank Thomas, the Tri State Tag Team Champions Colton Anderson and Samoan Raja w/ Smooth, TJ O'Riley, Pappy, Jai Webster, Keylo Green, Bubba Boodrow, Spazzo, Jon Wyld, Nathan Aulridge, Chazz Stone, Justin Rhodes, the Intercontinental Champion David Cox... A huge night of action as you can see. Bell time 8 PM.... FRIDAY NIGHT.... DECEMBER 5TH.... EPW .... BE THERE.... YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN OR WHO WILL SHOW UP

Should AJ Styles & Ronda Rousey be in WWE? JR thinks so!’s Sports section has up a new interview with WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross recently did an interview with Below JR discusses why WWE should sign
AJ Styles and Ronda Rousey:

On AJ Styles in WWE:

“AJ Styles would fit into any structure, it’s just a matter of decision makers having an open mind and be willing to utilize him to his skills, and not stereotype him because he isn’t the biggest guy in the locker room. He’s as good a performer as anybody WWE has right now from bell to bell. He’s an amazing athlete, and he’s perfected his craft, he’s a lifelong fan, he doesn’t drink or have a drug problem, he’s a good family man, he’s everything you would want.”
On Ronda Rousey in WWE:

“She’s my favorite MMA fighter. She has legit star power and a great personality. She’s every promoter’s dream, whether it be pro wrestling, or Hollywood, or MMA, or whatever. She has looks, she has skill, she has intelligence. If I were WWE, if I could make this happen, she would definitely have a role at WrestleMania 31 to do something.”

Read more at this link:

UCW Thanksbeatings results.

These two Brahma Bulls about shook the ring down to it's foundations. Due to Showtime's keen ability to distract Officer Rage used a Night Stick to gain what he thought would be a victory. The keen eye of referee, Terry Woods, changed all of that when he informed the match Referee, Eric Teas of what had transpired. Officer Rage was disqualified for his actions. Big Red was awarded the match.

The devious, Jay Moore, led the way for Xander against his nemesis, Sexy Sarge. Xander believes that Sarge has stolen his identity, namely his look. Sarge on the other hand feels he just made Xander's "look", look good. Jay did not give Sarge a moments peace in this match and when the tide was in favor of the Sexy one, Jay along with Showtime, took Sarge down with a low kick. Sarge was down, but this battle is far from over.

In what boils done to bad blood between these two, has fueled a rage in Ricky Andrews. The personal attack on Jessica, by Josh Matthews has left Ricky with only one mind set, RAGE! This match was nothing short of a brawl. Josh attempted to draw in Jessica once again, but she took matters in her own hands, hitting Josh with a low blow, before he could harm her. While writhing in pain, Josh was snatched up by Ricky and hit with a folded pile driver, just as Jessica felt two weeks prior. Ricky Andrews walked away with the win and a bit of satisfaction.

The epic struggle between these two men over the US Title continued this week as the two faced once again in a last man standing match. The punishment was poured out like water upon one another as they battled. In what was a surprise, Joseph stopped the match and left Houston laying in a crumpled heap after delivering a curb stop to Houston onto a ladder. Joseph then offered one final match for Houston. A loser leaves UCW match one winner, one loser, all of the glory.

The UCW Title on the line. Weezy defended against a former champion, Chris Rocker. Jay Moore accompanied Rocker as the two are akin to wanting the UCW Gold. Rocker gave Weezy a hard time at every step of the match, but perseverance is Weezy's wrestling style and he endured Rocker working over his left knee. Jay Moore felt the match slowly slipping from Rocker's grasp and decided to help by throwing a face full of powder into Weezy's eyes, while the referee was distracted. A quick super Kick later and Rocker got the three count. Referee Terry Woods realized powder had been used as it hung heavily in the air. With this realization Referee Woods reversed the decision and awarded the belt back to Weezy. Rocker went ballistic and began to beat on the referee with the help of Jaso Rage. Out of nowhere Referee Woods, spun Officer Rage out of the ring and both he and Rocker left.