Sunday, October 26, 2014

Wolfie D Gives back to the Sport he loves.

I have been a fan of Wolfie D since he started in USWA in Memphis, TN. in the early 90's. What drew my attention then was his appearance. No one was wearing "Thug" style clothing, low hanging shorts, jerseys, an exceptional mullet, and a hubcap chained around their neck. ( This kind of sounds like someone currently in the WWE, who has sported this appearance since 2002, doesn't it?) Wolfie D innovated this style, while others have took it and made it their own. While partnered with Jamie "JC Ice" Dundee, they formed the team of PG-13 and went on to great success in the USWA and then on to the WWF. From there Wolfie went on to WCW, ECW, and when he went to TNA with his persona from OVW "Slash" and joined "The New Church". With that brief history lesson, I want to get on as to why I am writing this article.

On Saturday Oct 25th, Wolfie D offered to give his services at a Wrestling Seminar. I have seen these type of services offered by other professionals that have made their living in this wild business, but have been skeptical as to what someone could learn in a short three hour session. My skepticism was completely unfounded in this case, as the three hours were packed with information. I was not a participant in the seminar, but I was allowed to observe and soak in what was being taught. I learned that Wolfie D at one time ran a successful Wrestling School, but due to life events, he had to close up shop and make a move to the Knoxville area. From watching Wolfie D today with the seminar participants, I would have loved to attend his school and soak up his vast knowledge of what makes this sport tick.

Wolfie D, the man, gave his time, energy, and love for this sport back to the attendees today in every word spoken and every lesson taught. He was not a "former superstar" who was only in it for the money. Don't get me wrong money is important. No one is in a profession not to make it. There is however a difference in being paid and giving it your all and being paid and just showing up. Wolfie D showed up and imparted his vast experience in a clear and well taught manor. I would like to offer my gratitude for what I saw Wolfie D do today. He is a true professional, and a gentleman. If you ever have the opportunity to attend one of his seminars, or if he opens a school in the future, take the chance and do it. You will not be disappointed, and you will walk away for the better. In short, a day like today is how Wolfie D gives back to the Sport of Professional Wrestling.

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