Tuesday, October 21, 2014

UCW Union City, TN Pictures Oct 18th

Hood Time making demands of UCW.

J Weezy Vs Zach O'Brien #1 contender match for the UCW Title. The match was quickly thrown out due to the interference of the suspended Big Red. The level of violence that ensued left both Weezy and Zach laying bloody in the ring.

The SOS and O'Riley and Patch have been in each others face for several weeks and the two teams hatred is growing each meeting. Tonight the match was fast but decisive in the low down tactics that Patch and O'Riley are willing to step down to, in order to win a match. With these tactics patch and O'Riley came out with the victory.

The MWA Women's Champion Lil Bit Faced off against hired assassin Diamond Doll for the Title. Believing she had the situation well in hand Diamond Doll was quickly proven wrong by the tenacious Lil Bit. With a fast roll up pin, Lil Bit retains her MWA Championship.

Houston defended his US Title against Joseph Bourne in a highly anticipated meeting. At the beginning Joseph lured Houston into believing an ankle injury, Joseph sustained a week earlier, was still causing problems. From that point Houston tried to play catch up but was unsuccessful. Joseph Bourne is the new US Champion.

The UCW Tag Titles held by NRG were supposed to be defended against Natural Darkness. No match occurred, just an all out brawl. There was no official bell, and there was no control. The two teams battled outside and inside the ring with only one objective, to put out the other team at any cost. No matter how hard each team tried, both kept coming back for more. Every wrestler in attendance attempted to break up the melee along with officials. this only slowed down the battle. Finally cooler heads prevailed as Natural Darkness were escorted out of the arena.

Derrick O'Dell
Wrestling News Center

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