Tuesday, October 7, 2014

UCW Union City, TN report from Saturday Oct 4th

The team of TJ O'Riley and Jason Patch defeated The Sons of the South.

 In Big Red's first challenge match for J Weezy, Weezy had to face Houston. No small task as Houston is the US Champion. Neither one gave any ground during the match, to the point of "Showtime" coming out carrying a steel chair offering it to Houston to finish the job on Weezy. Houston refused the offer and Weezy began to argue with Showtime. In a moment of anger Showtime spat at Weezy, who ducked the gross gesture. The spittle flew right on to Houston. The chase was on. Houston chased Showtime around the arena. Due to his anger, Houston was counted out and Weezy was awarded the match. Showtime is like a cat with 9 lives and escaped, only loosing his Jacket...

These two have developed quite a rivalry, with Xander accusing Sarge of stealing his style. Accompanied by "Show Hood" Xander was ready to do battle once again for the right to wear the "Fuzzies" Sarge gave as good as he got and even emasculated Xander by ripping off his undergarments. but this was not enough to derail Xander and "Show Hood". A hard chair shot to Sarge's back and a quick "Back Cracker" finish put Sarge down for the 3 count.

In what was supposed to be a one on one between Anton and Big Lou, Big Lou no showed. Up steps Dell Tucker with a promise this match would be man to man for respect. This promise quickly deteriorated as Dell became frustrated with Anton not giving up. The tension rose as Dell began to feel he was being disrespected by the fans, who continued to cheer for Anton, while leaving Dell with boos. The match raged as the two fought for supremacy. Dell, out of frustration went to the announce booth and grabbed a cup filled with hot coffee. As Anton began to regain his composure Dell threw the coffee into Anton's face. The referee immediately called for the bell disqualifying Dell. While Anton writhed in pain, Dell picked him up for the "Fade To Darkness" and hit it with remarkable precision. Dell began a tirade on Anton as well as the fans, and began to beat Anton. The ring filled with officials trying to separate the pair. Dell lashed out and took out each referee leaving them laying prone in the ring, just as he left Anton.

Derrick O'Dell
Wrestling News Center

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