Saturday, October 11, 2014

"Natural Darkness" brings dark days to UCW

"Natural Darkness", The Natural Josh Matthews and The King of Darkness Dell Tucker, made their presence known in UCW in a devastating and destructive way, while facing NRG members, Anton Leveigh and Lil Bit in tag team action. In a dark turn of events Natural Darkness handcuffed Anton Leveigh to the ropes and beat him unmercifully. What came next almost brought the UCW fans into a riot. After beating on Anton, Natural Darkness turned their attention to Lil Bit. Josh Matthews showed Lil Bit no Mercy and threw her about the ring. The following picture depicts Natural Darkness holding Lil Bit hostage while demanding a match for the UCW Tag Championship against NRG. Thankfully David Biro, UCW owner,  was able to negotiate Lil Bit's release with the promise of the match to be held next Saturday Night Oct 18th.

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