Tuesday, October 28, 2014


The night began with the National Anthem and the EPW commentary duo of Axeman and Brody Hawk. Hawk has been out of the ring due to a knee injury suffered at the hands of the entire Hollywood Clique and Jimmy Blaylock. Make no mistake that he will be back and out for blood on each and every one responsible for his injury.
The opening match was a treat as EPW welcomed back Stagger Lee. He has been absent from EPW for a while. It is always good to see him in the ring. He took on a newcomer to EPW who made his debut a few weeks ago in the "Radical One" Wil Sharp. Sharp questioned who Stagger was and he son found out who he was. Stagger Lee walked away with a returning victory in this one as Sharp declared he would be back.
Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor took on Samoan Raja w/Smooth in his corner. Per the norm Smooth got involved in the match at every opportunity. This enabled Raja to get the win over Taylor.
EPW welcomed back the "Master of Pain" Steve Masters to the ring taking on a very scary Hades. Masters looked great in his return and was taking it to Hades when Samoan Raja came from the back and interfered in the match. Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor took exception to the double team and came to the aid of Masters. This spawned a tag team match between the four men later in the night. Masters received the win by a DQ.
The EPW Heavyweight Champion Kross Mann with his manager Smooth decided to grace the fans with their presence calling out several people in the process. One being Brody Hawk who has been out of the ring due to a knee injury. Kross should remember the battles they have had in the past and know that Hawk will return to the squared circle. He also proceeded to heckle the fans per the norm but lastly he called out the Boogie Woogie Boy Gary Valiant who answered his call. He let Kross know in no uncertain terms that he was coming for his title later that night.
This match was a tag team put together from earlier in the night between Neil'The Real Deal" Taylor and The "Master of Pain" Steve Masters taking on Samoan Raja and Hades w/Smooth. Raja and Hades picked up the win in this one leaving Taylor to have to be helped to the back by security.
The semi main event was between the EPW Heavyweight Champion Kross Mann w/Smooth taking on the challenger the "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant. Kross made a stipulation to Valiant before the match stating that he was a wrestler and hadn't used his fists in previous matches. If he wanted a shot he would have to sign saying that he would not use his fists. Valiant happily signed on the dotted line. It was back and forth with each competitor using technical move after technical move. Just as it looked as Valiant had the upper hand Kross caught the referee's back turned and threw a blatant punch to Valiant's jaw. This turned into a series of many to come. Kross received the win and retained his title but Promoter Edith Poole saw that Kross threw the first punch and to the dismay of Kross announced that Valiant would receive a rematch for the title on November 8th.
The main event was a Biker vs Biker loser leave town cage match between Buzz Harley and Mason. These two pounded each other with a series of blows off the steel cage. It didn't take long before both men were spilling blood all over the ring. They literally left everything they had on the mat. It was a battle to the end but Harley came out victorious with the 1 2 3. Mason lost his Harley Davidson to Buzz Harley a few weeks ago and now Mason has to walk out of EPW instead of ride away.

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