Wednesday, October 8, 2014


EPW was thrilled to welcome back Brody Hawk this past Saturday night. As you all remember Hawk has been out due to a knee injury suffered at the hands of the Hollywood Clique several months ago. With this return brought out the EPW Heavyweight Champion Kross w/Smooth. He wanted to know where a certain member of security was by the name of Danny Lawson. He had made it clear on social media that he had a bone to pick with Lawson about the previous Saturday night. Lawson took a board out of Kross's hand that he was about to take in the ring. Promoter Edith Poole informed Kross that Lawson was not there which was kinda suspicious to me because he assured Kross he would be there to discuss the previous week. Kross still issued his open challenge for his title and he noticed that another member of security was to quote Kross was "eyeballing him." Kross and Alan Harville are no strangers to each other in the ring as they have been in there on a couple of occasions before. Kross told Harville he could have another shot st the title for $300.00. Harvile accepted the stipulation and the match was set for the main event later that night.
The opening match was between Juicy Johnny Morton and Samoan Raja w/Smooth. These two guys took it to one another but Morton ended up with the win by a DQ because of an object being brought into the ring. The second match was between Buzz Harley and "The Radical One" Wil Sharp who was making hie EPW debut. Harley was getting the best of Sharp when Raja interfered in the match. This brought Morton to the rescue of Harley. The two of them challenged Raja and Sharp to a tag match later in the night. div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">
Colton Anderson went against the "Mississippi Queen" BB in this match up. Anderson made his brags that he wanted to face a wrestler not a valet. BB said "She had a real good feeling something bad was about to happen!" Her feeling was right cause she let Mr. Anderson know just how bad she could be in the squared circle.... She ended up with her hand being raised proving that she was more than a valet.
This tag team match between Juicy Johnny Morton and partner Buzz Harley taking on Samoan Raja and "The Radical One" Wil Sharp w/Smooth was set up from earlier in the night when Sharp and Harley were going at it and Raja interfered. Morton and Harley walked away with the win in this one. Sharp had a hard time walking anywhere after Morton stuck his bullhorn in let's say a place where the sun doesn't shine.
The main event was an open challenge match from Kross Mann earlier in the night after he questioned the absence of security member Danny Lawson who disarmed Kross the week before of a board. Fellow security member Alan Harville gladly obliged Kross in his challenge. He had to put up $300.00 in order for Kross to get in the ring. In the end Kross and Smooth's plans didn't quite work out as Harville got the roll up and the 1 2 3 after a failed attempt from Smooth to interfere. Harville was crowned the new EPW Heavyweight Champion. Kross was not a happy camperfor sure. What will he have in mind for this Saturday night for the new champ?

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