Friday, October 31, 2014

Wolfie D and Sexy Sarge Vs "Hood Time" and Chris Rocker, UCW Halloween Clash 3

The stipulation of the match was whomever was thrown through a table of thumb tacks wins. The match was made due to the disrespect of "Hood Time" and Chris Rocker against Sexy Sarge. Sarge brought in an old friend, Wolfie D, to help level the playing field. Sarge and Wolfie appeared to be on top and as Sarge set up to take "Hood Time" through the table of tacks, a "Devil" appeared from the crowd. A brilliant ball of fire was thrown into Sarge's face, and "Hood Time" pushed Sarge through the table. "Hood Time" and Rocker win. What came next was the "Devil's" unveiling. Jay Moore has made his return!