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Southern Premier Wrestling
SPW 71: Threat Level Midnight!
September 27, 2014... Selmer, TN National Guard Armory

Match 1: K-SWISS defeated Quiksilver via pinfall after connecting with the “G.F.O.A.T.” (Greatest Finisher Of All Time). After the match, K-SWISS continued his assault on Quiksilver, hitting him repeatedly with a steel chair.

Match 2: SPW West Tennessee Championship Match-Jared Ethan defeated J-Money via pinfall pin to retain the SPW West Tennessee Championship. Closing moments of this match saw J-Money go for his patented “Cash Flow” kick in the corner. As J-Money ran towards Ethan, Ethan ducked and covered up to protect himself from the kick. By doing this, he caught J-Money with an inadvertent low blow and was able to quickly score the pinfall to retain the SPW West Tennessee Championship.

Match 3: Jason Rose defeated Johnny Morton via pinfall after connecting with a “Flatliner” reverse STO.

Match 4: Katelynn Pryde defeated “The Mississippi Queen” B.B., pinning her after connecting with a flipping cutter.

Match 5: Total Elimination Tag Team Match-"Team SPW” of “Psycho Butcher” Andrew Palmer, “Lethal” Steven Davis, “The Lone Wolf” Rickey Smith, “Matty Ice” Matt Taylor, and Austin Carrier w/Kellen James defeated “Order 66” of SPW Liaison to the Senior Partners Zed Gecko, SPW Heavyweight Champion “Southern Saint” Cory Daniels, Shawn Reed, Christian Shane, and “Big” Mic Vicious when “Psycho Butcher” Andrew Palmer pinned Zed Gecko after connecting with a package piledriver to win the “Total Elimination Tag Team Match” for Team SPW. As a result of this win, “Order 66” must disband and Zed Gecko has been terminated!

Order of Elimination:
"Big” Mic Vicious by “Lethal” Steven Davis.
Austin Carrier by Cory Daniels.
"Matty Ice” Matt Taylor by Shawn Reed.
"Southern Saint” Cory Daniels by “The Lone Wolf” Rickey Smith.
"The Lone Wolf” Rickey Smith by Christian Shane.
Shawn Reed and “Lethal” Steven Davis were both counted out.
Christian Shane by “Psycho Butcher” Andrew Palmer.
Zed Gecko by “Psycho Butcher” Andrew Palmer.

Before this match got under way, Kellen James informed the fans in attendance that he would not be participating in this match as initially announced. James stated that he received a phone call the day before from someone that wanted to gain a measure of revenge against “Order 66”, specifically Shawn Reed. James brought out the returning “Lethal” Steven Davis to represent “Team SPW” on his behalf.

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