Saturday, September 27, 2014

"Special Report" UCW Union City, TN

In a surprise announcement by David Biro, Jay Moore no longer holds the majority rights to UCW. Over the last week The Biro's Attorneys feverishly hammered out a deal with Jay Moore, who sold his rights to UCW back to the Biro's. From that point David Biro announced he had some house cleaning to take care of. Mr. Biro called "Showtime" Daniel Thomas to the ring. "Showtime" has been UCW Commissioner under the guidance of Jay Moore. Mr. Biro announced he has had his fill of "Showtime", and announced to the pleasure of the crowd, "Showtime You're Fired!" In a laughable manner, "Showtime" threw a temper tantrum, like a 2 year old, begging Mr. Biro to reconsider. Mr. Biro offered a job to "Showtime" in the concession stand, but Big Red came out and put a halt to the festivities. Big Red told everyone that "Showtime" no longer needed the Biros, now that "Showtime" was now his manager. What will come from this??

                                   Mr. Biro announcing "Showtime" Daniel Thomas is Fired!

                         "Showtime" Begging Mr. Biro for forgiveness and reconsideration.

On a lighter note. Thank you to my first fan. This guy comes to the events regularly. Without fans like this Wrestling would not be what it is. Thank you.

Derrick O'Dell
Wrestling News Center

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