Monday, August 11, 2014

USA Championship Wrestling TV Taping Results and Pics, Week One, Metropolis Illinois

USA Championship Wrestling, Promoted by Bert Prentice, was kind enough to allow me to cover their TV taping in Metropolis Illinois. The day consisted of shooting for four weeks of TV. The first week of shooting aired Saturday 08/09/14 on "WSIL" Channel 3 on Dish Network. The following pictures and results are from that taping. I will be posting results and pictures of the next three weeks as the Show appears on TV, so that it does not spoil the episodic Television program.

USA Championship Wrestling operates events in Illinois, Tennessee and Kentucky. They are great at helping with fund raisers as well as civic events. I want to say thank you to Mr. Prentice and everyone involved in the event for allowing me to cover the day.

The USA Championship Wrestling Championship. Once held by Jeff Jarrett, it will now be decided by a future tournament who will be the next Champion.

Ring Announcer and USA Championship Wrestling Liaison Tom Simon.

The First match of the day pitted Nick Stanley Vs Chris Styles. Nick Stanley, who is wearing the red trunks pulled off the victory, over Chris Styles in the green and black, with a high cross body from the second rope.

Nick Stanley

Chris Styles

In the Second Match of the day Justin "1st Class" Adams faced LT Faulk. This match was hard fought and the action was back and fourth. LT was however disqualified due to interference by "The Colorado Kid" Mike Rapada. Rapada has been in an ongoing feud with Adams and came to the ring with a trash can using it on Adams. LT Faulk was far from thankful for this assistance.

Justin Adams

LT Faulk

The Final Match for this episode paired up Dannny Dollar Vs Chris Cade. The show ran out of time before the match fully aired so this is the only footage of teh outcome. Danny Dollar defeated Chris Cade with a hard clothesline from the second rope.

Danny Dollar

Chris Cade

Derrick O'Dell
Wrestling News Center

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