Monday, August 25, 2014

UCW Union City, TN Results and Pictures for August 23rd

Jeremy White made his debut in UCW tonight facing the popular Dell Tucker. Jeremy is a beast and poured it on to Dell in an effective fashion. Dell is used to hard competition and utilized his veteran experience to pull out the win with an impressive elbow from the top rope.

The team of Hard Steel, Xander and Austin, were scheduled to face the Wrecking Crew. Due to car trouble, the Wrecking Crew could not be at the event. David Biro had alternate plans. He pitted Xander and Austin against each other, much to the displeasure of Jay Moore. The friendship between the two deteriorated immediately when Xander demanded that Austin just lay down and be pinned. From that point on Austin was determined to beat Xander. The match was back and forth with each man delivering damage to the other. High risk is Austin's game and unfortunately for him tonight, his game was off. A missed Shooting Star press, began his demise. The fight spilled out of the ring and as Jay appeared to try to separate Xander and Austin, as the Referee was giving the 10 count, he held Austin tight as Xander slipped in the ring. The referee counted out Austin and a happy Xander Legend and Jay Moore celebrated in the ring. Xander announced the "Rock Star" Xander Legend is born..

The UCW Tag Titles were on the line. Anton Leveigh was inexplicably absent. Ricky was set to face the Hustlers alone. Sarge, a long time ally with NRG gave up his scheduled UCW Championship match with Big Red, to help his friend in his time of need. In an exciting match, The Hustlers beat on Ricky for what seemed like an eternity. A well timed tag changed that and Sarge was able to even the odds. Just as the tide began to turn, Big Red came to the ring and pulled Sarge out. Ruffshot of the Hustlers, pulled a chain and with surgical precision knocked Ricky cold. The Hustlers had their hands raised in victory, but Ruffshot had not hidden the chain well enough, and it fell to the mat as his hand was raised. The referee was alerted to the chain on the mat, by the fans. The decision was immediately reversed. NRG retains the Tag Titles.

Big Red defended the UCW Title against J Weezy as he made a surprise return. Weezy gave the good fight but was robbed by Jay Moore's interference, throwing Red a chair. Red Blasted Weezy with the chair and Jay helped the disoriented Referee to count three. Big Red retains the UCW Championship. After the match Red laid Weezy out with a choke slam. Fortunately Sarge came to Weezy's aid, to stop further injury.

Derrick O'Dell
Wrestling News Center

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