Sunday, August 10, 2014

UCW Union City, TN Results and Pics from Aug 9th

These two have had unfinished business since Sarge tuned his back on JD. Sarge took every short cut he could against JD. From using a chain to Hard Steel coming in and jumping JD just as he appeared to be in the position to win the match. However it was unclear on Sarge's position of Jay Moore and Hard Steel's assistance.

This war is becoming heated. The Boss and Dell just last week were involved in a brutal battle, this week was no different. The Boss feigned an injury to his knee after a devastating drop kick by Dell. Dell did not want to win the match with further injury to Boss, so he paused and attempted to call for help. While Dell's back was turned, The Boss got up and hit The Boss Bomb on Dell for the win.

In the latest meeting of The Hustlers and NRG, Anton Leveigh was not able to make the event. Ricky Andrews was goateed into continuing with the match by having Ms. Jessica named as his partner due to being a part of NRG. Ricky put up an amazing fight against The Hustlers. Jessica was even able to make her presence known. Jay must have felt he needed to have a back up plan and Hard Steel came to the ring and interfered costing the Hustlers the match. The Hustlers were less than pleased. A short confrontation between the Hustlers and Hard Steel was squashed by Jay Moore, but what damage has been done?

Big Red and Houston faced each other Title for Title. Mr. Biro came out and thought he would help Red out. While Distracted Houston hit Red with a big Pump Kick, knocking Red out of the ring. The referee counted Big Red out, and Houston was awarded the match. Red took issue with Mr Biro's distraction and began to beat on the UCW owner. What came next was not expected. Becky Biro came to his aid and pulled Red off of her husband. Becky showed little fear in taking up for her husband even though he has been less than loving over the past few months. Red then turned his fury on to Becky. Fortunately Dell Tucker was watching and came to her aid. Becky and David seemed to make amends for the past months of strife. It is good to say this, THE BIRO'S ARE BACK!!!

Derrick O'Dell
Wrestling News Center

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