Sunday, August 17, 2014

UCW Union City, TN Results and Pics 08/16 New Tag Champions

Xander used his ever present Manager Jay Moore to effectively hold JD down outside the ring for a count out. Xander won, but no respect was gained from the crowd in how he did it.

 The final match in the UAW Ladies Championship tournament. Lylah was confident in her ability to take down Diamond Doll, but Doll had an ace up her sleeve, Sex Kitten. In an appalling act Kitten rushed the ring and beat Lylah without mercy. This gave Doll the advantage and the win. New UAW Ladies Champion Diamond Doll.

 Dash Sullivan was sent to UCW by his uncle, the "Task Master" Kevin Sullivan to test Dell "KOD" Tucker. Sullivan did just that. He was however shown what the "KOD" was all about. Dell came out the other side with the win.

 Title Vs Title rematch. Jay Moore signed Big Red with the promise of Big plans. Houston was standing in the way. Red was disqualified due to the use of a steel chair. Becky Biro tried to intervene and was snatched by Jay. Big Red began to raise up the chair against Becky when Sarge Riley's music began to play. Think Sarge had finally made his decision to join Jay's fold, he was greeted with trust. Sarge took the chair from Red. Sarge raised the chair towards Becky and out of no where he blasted Red. Sarge Riley is finally back with the Biros.

 In a wild fast paced chaotic match NRG was able to pull out the victory over Hard Steel, becoming the new UCW Tag Team Champions.

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