Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Steve Masters Responds About The Patriot Gimmick Controversy


Steve Masters said that this is the conversation between him and The Honky Tonk Man, Wayne Farris about the Patriot Gimmick. Steve said that Wayne Farris owns the rights to the Patriot Gimmick.

Steve: Wayne this is Steve Master. Long time no see . Quick question heard you own the rights to the patriot gimmick that del wilks had in wwe. Let me know?

Wayne:Yes I do
U can use it for a small fee

Steve: How much bro, been using it for fud raisers back when you and I worked I San Bernd. In SoCal for Jess. Just let me know AND will cut you in
Also talked with del wilks tonight and he told me he still holds them and is getting checks from Vince. Anyway let me know.

Wayne: He gets anything put out prior to my ownership. He has no ownership of the name.. Look it up on the gov. Site trademarks,, then confront me again.

Steve:  I am on your side bro he called me about it and told him I would work it out with you and not him. Had a small promoter was me to do a benefit for a sheriff who has cancer liver to raise money for the family. No money really for me. But thought I would touch base with you to set promoter at ease.

Wayne: If del Wilkes told that he is a full of shit cunt,,


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Registration Number 3677116
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Owner (REGISTRANT) Farris, Roy W. INDIVIDUAL UNITED STATES 4665 E. Harwell Street Gilbert ARIZONA 85234
Live/Dead Indicator LIVE


Wayne: Tell Wilkes to blow me

Steve: That's what I told him bro while on the phone with the promoter and he got mad. Told him we had did. some shows with AWA and Jess back in 2000-2003 and we worked well together . And offed to get on the phone with you tonight but he wanted no part of that. Anyway on a good note brother I am winding down now just doing more benefits these days, what you getting these day to do shows? After losing big V as few months ago bother it hit me bit hard,we did a show two nights early. And working some with your old buddy billy Dundee. But not much besides that.

Steve: This is my talk with honkey to night just got of the phone with your parents. Needless to say I have had this permission for years.
This is also the copyright to use and Wayne's permission, for all the haters..
BTW once Del gets through blowing Wayne he can blow me too, and that goes for hockey mask fat boys to.