Monday, August 11, 2014

SPWA Results from Aug 8th event Ripley, MS. and Aug 9th Event In Ramer, TN

Results Courtesy of a fan who wishes not to be named.

SPWA Wrestling August 8th Ripley MS Attendance - 300

1. Danny Dollar beat "The Natural" Josh Matthews with a superkick.

2. SPWA Heavyweight Champion Nathan Aulridge beat Alex Stone to retain

3. 1/2 of The All American Nightmares Nick Grymes w/ Diana Taylor beat Bam Bam Bundy when Taylor distracted the referee which allowed Chris Styles to run out and shove Bundy off the ropes and miss his frog splash.
After the match Bundy said he and fellow Country Connection member Big Country would see The All American Nightmares the next night in Ramer TN for the Career vs Career Match! Bundy was then helped from the ring and went to the hospital to learn he suffered a torn meniscus and MCL.

4. Bret Michaels beat 1/2 of The All American Nightmares Chris Styles w/ Diana Taylor after Grymes accidentally hit Styles with a loaded fist. Michaels then knocked Grymes to the floor with a roaring elbow and pinned Styles.

5. "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert beat Cody Melton by DQ when Gilbert attempted the piledriver on Melton but The All American Nightmares attacked him and put a beating on him until Allan Stone hit the ring and cleaned house.
After the match Doug Gilbert said if The All American Nightmares, Nick Grymes and Chris Styles survive the Career vs Career match tomorrow night they need to find a partner and meet him, Allan Stone and 1/2 Rock & Roll Express Ricky Morton for a 6 man tag September 20th in Ramer TN!

6. Brian Christopher w/ Grady Watson beat Kevin White w/ Hollywood Jimmy

SPWA August 9th Ramer TN Attendance - 100

1. David Andrews beat Alex Stone

2. AC Styles and Johnny O'Shea beat SPWA Tag Team Champions Justin Rhodes and Chazz in a non title match

3. Jade Haven beat Kelly Rayne to win the SPWA Women's Title in a Last Woman Standing Match

4. Tyson Starr beat Nathan Aulridge to become the NEW SPWA Heavyweight Champion

5. The All American Nightmares Nick Grymes and Chris Styles w/ Grady Watson beat Country Connection in a Career vs Career No DQ Match when Michael Gilbert turned his back on the fans and Country Connection and threw a fire ball in the face of an already injured Bam Bam Bundy. Security and referees immediately carried Bundy to the locker room as Gilbert nailed Big Country in the head with a chair and Styles, Grymes and Gilbert forced the referee to count to three.

After the match Michael Gilbert officially fired Bundy and Country and stated beginning next week it was time for a change in SPWA.

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