Monday, August 11, 2014

SPW 65: HELL HATH NO FURY! RESULTS! Aug 9th Bethel Springs TN.


Southern Premier Wrestling
SPW 65: Hell Hath No Fury!
August 9, 2014
Bethel Springs, TN
Bethel Springs Community Center

Match 1: “Psycho Butcher” Andrew Palmer defeated “King of Violence” Tim Edwards w/Quiksilver via submission with his “Final Countdown” arm-trap crossface. This match was scheduled to be Palmer versus K-SWISS, but “Drop Dead” Dale Wylde informed Palmer than K-SWISS wasn’t in the building and that SPW Liaison to the Senior Partners Zed Gecko had authorized Edwards to substitute for the evening.
Kellen James made his way to the ring next to update the fans about the condition of several SPW wrestlers after the attacks by “Order 66” the previous week. James informed the fans that Fleur de Lethal had received a concussion from a piledriver delivered by Shawn Reed and would be out of action for at least two weeks. He continued to Anita Paige, who suffered a cracked rib and a dislocated hip at the hands of “Big” Mic Vicious and will be out for an unspecified amount of time. Before he could speak about “Lethal” Steven Davis, “Big” Mic Vicious’ music began to play and Vicious came to ringside. SPW referees attempted to stop Vicious from getting in the ring, but suffered for their actions as Vicious shoved down Patrick Rex and lifted J-Money in the air in a bearhug, before slamming him hard to the mat. Vicious then reached over SPW Senior Official Scott Stevens and grabbed Kellen James around the neck and attempted to choke him, prompting Austin Carrier to come to the rescue of his manager. James exited the ring and referee Stevens rang the bell to start a match.

Match 2: “Big” Mic Vicious defeated Austin Carrier w/Kellen James by disqualification for shoving down referee Scott Stevens.

Match 3: Quiksilver w/Tim Edwards defeated Jared Ethan with a school boy rollup. Closing moments of this match saw Ethan connect with his patented “Ethanizer” and cover Quiksilver, only for Tim Edwards to put Quiksilver’s foot on the bottom rope. The referee saw the foot on the rope and waived off his count. As Ethan argued with the referee about Edwards’ actions, Quiksilver caught Ethan from behind with the rollup to score the victory.

Match 4: SPW West Tennessee Championship Match-"Drop Dead” Dale Wylde defeated “The Lone Wolf” Rickey Smith to retain the SPW West Tennessee Championship, pinning him by reversing a cross body attempt and pulling the tights for leverage.

Match 5: SPW Heavyweight Championship Match-"Matty Ice” Matt Taylor defeated Shawn Reed to retain the SPW Heavyweight Championship, pinning Reed by reversing a CB4 Driver attempt into a sunset bomb for the pin.

After the match, “Order 66” members Christian Shane and “Big” Mic Vicious made their way to the ring to further the assault on Matt Taylor. Shane handed a plastic bag to Shawn Reed, who placed it over Taylor’s head in an attempt to suffocate him. This brought out Andrew Palmer, Rickey Smith, Kevin Zion, and Austin Carrier to even the odds. Once “Order 66” had been cleared of the ring, Kellen James joined the others who were checking on the well-being of Taylor. Taylor had barely made it to his feet when Christian Shane grabbed a microphone and made the announcement that, per Zed Gecko, Matt Taylor would be defending his SPW Heavyweight Championship against someone that knew Taylor very well…the man who ended his previous title reign in Southern Premier Wrestling, “The M.O.E.” Moe Stegall!

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