Wednesday, August 6, 2014

RSWF Results and Poster For Saturday Night

Results sent in from RSWF 

Brandon and Brent the Tate Twins beats JR Mauler and Jamie Jay then after the match Jamie Jay jump JR Mauler , Cassanova.Kid beat Izzy Rotton then the SoulTaker jump  Cassanova. Kid that set up for the main event was the SoulTaker and Izzy Rotton vs Cassanova. Kid and Bone Crusher the match was thrown out and taker and Izzy hand cuffed bone crusher and best the crap out of  Cassanova. Kid  and Drew Donavon beat MVP and Xtreme Bret Michaels beat Johnny Thunder

Photo: RSWF next show this Saturday night Aug 9th at 3715 south Perkins and Cromwell suite #21 bell time 8pm. So if you missed last Saturday night show you missed out on one hell of a show. But fear not RSWF will be running Wrestling shows each and every Saturday  night right here in Memphis,Tn and for the record Wrestling in Memphis is not DEAD I have proved that twice now

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