Sunday, August 10, 2014

Results From Saturday's XOW/TWE XTREME EXPLOSION When 2 Rivals Collide in Southaven, MS

Special Guest Announcers Paul Eubanks from SouthEastern X-Treme Wrestling and Max Pain joined XOW mainstay Al Hall to kick off the festivities in front of a packed house in Southaven.  Unfortunately, another fixture of XOW, "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock was unable to attend due to transportation troubles as his car caught on fire.  Was he the victim of sabotage and if so, who was the perpetrator?

XOW Owner Tony Watts was introduced and stated that it's been a long ten months since breaking his leg last October and thanked everyone for their support.  Tony was accompanied by his protection policy, The Bodyguard.  Next, The GM of TWE Kevin Aldy confirmed that he had been named VP of Talent Relations.

Opening Match-"The Magnificent" Reno Diamond managed by Michael Ward vs Drew Donovan-Referee Mark Allen-Before the match, Michael Ward said, "This is a religious facility so all of you ladies keep those lustful eyes from checking out this backside!"  Michael Ward struck Donovan in the back with his belt allowing Reno to execute The Lie Detector to get the three count.  Your Winner, "The Magnificent" Reno Diamond!!!

2nd Match-"Radical" Wil Sharp vs Faroh of Phunk-Referee Michael Jenkins-Wil Sharp stirred up the crowd with his megaphone. Faroh had the kids dancing and chanting, "Chicken" directed towards Sharp.  Faroh caught Sharp with a Stunner for the win.  Your Winner, Faroh of Phunk!!!

3rd Match-Ladies Match-Diamond Doll vs Sarah Summers-Referee Matthew Carter-Diamond Doll superplexed Summers from the top-rope, but only got a two count.  As Diamond Doll argued with the official, Summers rolled her up with the schoolgirl.  Your Winner, Sarah Summers!!!

Paris Kelly made her way to ringside with the confetti cannon, shooting into the audience.  Then, Paris had some not so nice comments for Sarah and the crowd.  This would lead into our second ladies match of the night.

4th Match-Ladies Match-Sarah Summers vs Paris Kelly-Referee Matthew Carter-Paris Kelly would pick up the victory with the Angel's Wings finisher.  Your Winner, Paris Kelly!!!

Former WWF Tag Team Champion Sir Mo from Men on a Mission and the Director of Operations for BullyMania spoke with everyone about putting an end to bullying in our schools.  Mo's important message discussed how important it is to talk with our children everyday and to monitor their social media activities.

5th Match-Josh Cross vs "The One" Cody Only-Referee Mark Allen-This competitive back-and-forth bout came to an abrupt end after Joshua Cross crashed into Cody Only with a bone-crushing Swanton from the top-rope.  Your Winner, Joshua Cross!!!  Afterwards, Cody Only appeared to be in some serious pain as he remained on the mat for minutes following the bell.  Officials had to assist him to the back where he actually collapsed while walking through the curtain.

6th Match-Special XOW Best vs TWE Best-Hale County Misfits Jai Web & Chop with Tony Watts in the corner vs A&M Express ATK & Rajin Rick Morgan accompanied by Kevin Aldy-Referee Michael Jenkins-ATK and Morgan rolled up both Jai Web and Chop after they collided in the middle of the ring to get the one, two, three!  Your Winners, A&M Express!!!  Following the match, Hale County Misfits attacked ATK, Morgan and even blasted the referee.  Tony Watts' Bodyguard got in the mix by double clotheslining ATK and Morgan.  Uncle Felton cleared the ring once he entered swinging a steel chair at The Bodyguard. 

Main Event-Motley Cruz accompanied by Tony Watts vs Pokerface-Referee Matthew Carter-Tony Watts would make his presence felt by interfering and attacking Pokerface throughout the match.  Motley Cruz would reign victorious after delivering a devastating powerbomb to Pokerface.  Your Winner, Motley Cruz!!!  Immediately after the bell, Tony Watts began choking Pokerface and his Bodyguard started putting the boots to him.  Then, things really got crazy...The locker room cleared and chaos ensued!  Wrestlers were brawling all over the packed Faith Community Center as the crowd watched on astonished.  This was proof of just how XOW specializes in mayhem and madness!  You had to be there to witness the pandemonium for yourself.  Good news for you is that you will have another opportunity real soon to catch all the action.

It was announced that September 20th, they will return to Southaven.  On that night, there will be a Special Battle Royal.  Motley Cruz also issued a challenge to Pokerface that Motley Cruz and Reno Diamond would take on Pokerface and a partner of his choice.  Who will it be?  Find out this and so much more September 20th.

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