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Results from Saturday's Sold Out OWO SuperShow in Tupelo, MS

Both Jaxx Roxx and Dustin Burcham served as hosts for the OWO SuperShow in front of a jam-packed, sold out crowd at the Salvation Army Community Center.  Be sure to check out Dustin Burcham's Cheap Heat Radio Podcast @  Dustin also had his own personal fan club in attendance that spent the entire night berating him with Buddy Holly and Drew Carey chants. 

"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock and members of The Hollywood Clique including "Mega Star" Memphis Monroe, OWO Tag-Team Champions Parental Advisory "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, "Xtreme" Brett Michaels and OWO Champion Shawn Reed made their way to the ring, gloating about their dominance.  "Hollywood" Jimmy informed everyone that he's not being handcuffed to anyone tonight.  "Mr. Sensational" Leslie Jones crashed their party, declaring that he was named Commissioner for the night's action and promised "Hollywood" Jimmy that he would in fact be handcuffed to a fan during Shawn Reed's championship match with DC.  Leslie Jones declared it's been eleven long years since he stepped in the Salvation Army building.  Leslie ran IWF years ago that was a fixture at the building which featured the television show, IWF Slam.  Leslie led the audience in a Doughboy chant, directed towards "Hollywood" Jimmy.

Opening Match-"The Natural" Josh Matthews vs "The Show" Chris Adams-Great fast-paced opener that really got the crowd amped.  Adams was rockin' the red hair.  In the end, Adams rolled up Matthews with Referee Joey Lynn counting the one, two, three!  Your Winner, "The Show" Chris Adams!!!

2nd Match-Triple Threat-Danny Dollar vs "Radical" Wil Sharp vs "Tha Stunt" Curly Moe-Before the action got underway, Danny Dollar had a lightsaber so Wil Sharp grabbed a baseball bat.  During the match, Curly Moe connected with a Stunner on Dollar.  Sharp lifted Curly Moe up in a fireman's carry, driving him into his knee.  Dollar superkicked Sharp out of the ring and pinned Curly Moe for the win.  Your Winner, Danny Dollar!!!

Leslie Jones brought out the bucket full of tickets and selected one lucky fan to be handcuffed to "Hollywood" Jimmy.  Leslie also introduced the Special Enforcer for the match, "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore.  Kilgore offered the fan some money if he would let him take his place in order to be handcuffed to "Hollywood" Jimmy.  Offer accepted. 

3rd Match-OWO Championship-OWO Champion Shawn Reed accompanied by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock vs DC with the special stipulation of "Hollywood" Jimmy being handcuffed to Chris Kilgore-In the early moments, Reed was caught on the receiving end of a wedgie courtesy of DC.  However, Reed would retaliate with a superkick in which he promotes on his t-shirt that reads, "Keep Calm And Superkick Everyone."  Speaking of t-shirts, be sure and get your hands on the all-new Wrestling News Center t-shirts featuring artwork by Jerry "The King" Lawler!  Back to the match, around the time that DC missed a splash on Reed inside the ring, in a shocking turn of events Studd Scott Porteau suddenly appeared at ringside, viciously attacking Chris Kilgore.  In the process, Studd managed to release "Hollywood" Jimmy from the handcuffs, who then gave Reed a chain that he used to hit DC with, to retain his championship.  Your Winner And STILL OWO Champion, Shawn Reed!!!

4th Match-The Independent Heroes Jett Hero & P.K. Ripper vs Hale County Misfits Jai Web & Chop-In the beginning, The Hale County Misfits attempted to jump JettRipper from behind while they were posing for the fans up on the turnbuckles, but they both turned backflips out of the corners and proceeded to strike Jai Web and Chop with an explosive series of tag-team maneuvers.  The Hale County Misfits later were able to slow down The Independent Heroes offense by isolating Jett Hero from his corner.  Finally, Hero was able to make the hot tag to P.K. Ripper.  All four men ended up in the ring.  As The Hale County Misfits were going for a double-team move, P.K. Ripper managed to break it up.  In the end, Jett Hero soared through the air landing on Chop with a leg drop from the top-rope after P.K. Ripper hit him with a knee smash.  Your Winners, The Independent Heroes Jett Hero & P.K. Ripper!!!

5th Match-"Grandmaster Sexay" Brian Christopher vs Barry Wolf-Before the match, "Grandmaster Sexay" got a young man in the ring to hype up the crowd before throwing out his bandana.  Brian placed his signature yellow shades on Referee Joey Lynn so I was just waiting on him to bust a move.  Barry Wolf wore a "Classy" Freddie Blassie style jacket to the ring and stirred up the audience into a frenzy.  The action quickly spilled out into the crowd where Brian took a baseball bat to Barry Wolf's nether regions.  Back inside the squared circle, Brian Christopher would raise the roof before delivering a running bulldog out of the corner.  Brian Christopher defeated Barry Wolf after connecting with the Hip Hop Drop from the top-rope.  Your Winner, "Grandmaster Sexay" Brian Christopher!!!

Main Event-Jerry "The King" Lawler, "Superstar" Bill Dundee & Neil "Real Deal" Taylor vs Hollywood Clique Members "Mega Star" Memphis Monroe & OWO Tag Champions Parental Advisory "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs & "Xtreme" Brett Michaels managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock-Starting out, Bill Dundee tricked Memphis Monroe into running the ropes over and over until he gave out.  Dundee also stomped "Hollywood's" hand on the apron.  Next, the powerhouse Brett Michaels challenged Dundee to a test of strength, but "Superstar" had different plans as he hauled off punching Michaels.  Jerry "The King" Lawler was tagged in, donning his special Batman tights for the night.  Dadadadadadada!  Lawler fired away at Tony Dabbs with a series of punches before showing his mad hops with a royal dropkick.  Neil Taylor brought down Memphis Monroe with a drop toe-hold and then rode him around like a bull for 8 seconds.  Monroe managed to take over after poking the eyes.  Cool spot came when everyone put headlocks on each other resulting in a quadruple headlock if you will with Jerry Lawler punching Brett Michaels causing everyone to fall down like dominoes.  Good stuff!  Parental Advisory double suplexed Neil.  Neil ran out of the corner striking with a lariat.  Michaels missed an elbow drop from the top-rope when Neil moved.  Neil made the tag to Jerry, but Official Joey Lynn was distracted so Jerry was forced back out of the ring.  Meanwhile, "Hollywood" Jimmy interfered by sucker punching Neil.  Neil finally was able to make the legal tag to Jerry Lawler as Memphis Monroe was also tagged in on the other side.  Things got chaotic with everyone going at it.  "Hollywood" Jimmy entered the ring and held Jerry Lawler for Memphis Monroe to strike with his foreign object.  However, "The King" dodged out of the way so Memphis Monroe ended up blasting "Hollywood" instead and Lawler rolled up Monroe for the victory!  Your Winners, Jerry "The King" Lawler, "Superstar" Bill Dundee & Neil "Real Deal" Taylor!!!

Tupelo delivers again with another memorable night of action!  This evening was extra special to many fans and wrestlers alike because it was more like a reunion because of the history of the building.  I spent a large part of my youth at the Salvation Army building every weekend with my buddies watching the old IWF and DCW shows back in the day from the front row.  Plain and simple, Saturday's sold out show was AWESOME!  Great card stacked with amazing talent and a raucous crowd that was electric all night long!  Events like this is why we all love wrestling!  Shout out to all the OWO wrestlers, staff and fans that made this night such a success!  GOOD CALL!

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