Friday, August 29, 2014

Is it too late for TNA to be successful in the US?

Posted By: Garvin on Aug 27, 2014
Source: WNS

As of the latest report, we know that TNA has worked out a deal to remain on Spike TV in the Wednesday night timeslot until the end of the year. But, what’s holding TNA back?

On FTW, we’ve said over and over that we're pleased with a majority of what TNA has done over the last 3-5 months. We also are optimistic about where TNA could go if they continued at this pace. But, we can’t ignore the naysayers and the constant news that floods our Feedly’s and social media feeds.

A story out right now suggests that a set of COPS replays last Thursday made more money for Spike TV via ad revenue than TNA could have.

We avoid talking about this kind of stuff, because we’re wrestling fans talking about what we see on TV and experience in person. We aren't TV industry critics or experts. But, the question has to be asked:

Despite our optimism about TNA's future and this being the #SummerOfTNA, is it too late for TNA to be successful in the American market?

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