Friday, August 22, 2014

Good feelings for the Sept 13th Ashlynn McClure Memorial 2 Union City, TN

Recently Pro Wrestling on the Indy Scene has had it's ups and downs. It has had a bad light put on it, by people involved as well as articles I have written. But along comes a shining light, that makes this business turn bright once again.

The Ashlynn Mcclure Memorial 2, which will be held on Saturday Night Sept 13th at 6pm, at the UCW Building 308 South First St. Union City, TN., is being presented with hopes of raising an enormous amount of funds for ST. Jude. The Memorial is the brain child of Jason "Tha Brain" Wells. Jason's life was touched when he met this young victim of childhood illness. That experience touched his heart and made him want to do what he could to help other children in need. The Memorial was started last year and was a success, raising $1200 for St. Jude. Jason has made it his mission to surpass that total, and has laid out a card to do just that. Wrestling Stars, Past, Present and Future will be making their way to Union City, TN to give their all for the fans to make this event a success. You will see XPac, Big Van Vader, and Koko Ware to top off an impressive line of Independent Wrestling's finest.

The Money made from ticket sales is going to be donated to St Jude. There will be an auction and other fundraising events on this packed evening of wrestling. Check out the attached card and come out and be a part of the cause and blow the roof off the UCW Building!

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