Wednesday, August 27, 2014


EPW opened up with Mitch Toretta coming out and showing his displeasure that he didn't have a title match. Buzz Harley came out and informed him that he had a title shot that night. As the two were having a difference of opinion the Champion Kross Mann w/ Smooth came out and began telling Toretta a line of I use the term bull lightly but the fans seem to think Kross is a little scared of Toretta. He quickly ushered him to the back so they could talk about the situation. What will become of this one.......
The opening match was between Mitch Toretta and Johnny O'Shea. This one was quick and I can't say painless for O'Shea as Toretta took out frustrations on his opponent. Toretta ended with a quick 1 2 3 in this one.
TJ O'Riley came to the announcer's table whining that he was cheated the week before in the contract ladder match. He called DJ Brown out and told him he should have won that match. Brown informed him that his opinion was different on that matter. Promoter Edith Poole came out and told them they would have a match later on that night would that satisfy O'Riley? So the match up was set to see who would come out on top.
The EPW Champion Kross Mann w/Smooth went against Buzz Harley for the title belt. This one was physical all the way from the bell until Mason interfered and attacked Harley from behind. As Kross and Mason mounted their attack Mitch Toretta came from the back and made it known that he was in the ring. Kross misunderstood his intentions to the fullest as Toretta turned to Kross and knocked the taste out of his mouth. Harley got a little payback as well on the outside as he took out Kross and Smooth.
This match up was a four corner between TJ O'Riley and DJ Brown. These two young guys definitely mixed it up in this one. It was an all out battle until the end with Brown coming out on top after touching each of the corners .It is for sure not over between these two as it was revealed they will be in a last man standing match this Saturday night.
Mason came out and challenged Buzz Harley to a biker vs biker match as he questioned Harley's true loyalty to his colors. Harley was all to happy to oblige him as he accepted without hesitation.
The main event started with the EPW Champion Kross Mann w/Smooth coming to the table and giving Mitch Toretta the false illusion that it would be the two of them going head to head. As usual the unpredictable Kross Mann threw Toretta a curve ball and brought out Samoan Raja as his tag partner making this a handicap mtch. In reality a three on one situation cause we all know Smooth can't resist sticking his nose in and interfering. Just as it looked like they had Toretta a surprise came from the back in Johnny O'Shea who gladly helped Toretta out in this one. In the end it was the team of Toretta and O'shea getting the win and ensuring that Toretta would get his shot at the EPW Championship Title this week.

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