Saturday, August 30, 2014

Breaking, UCW Union City, TN Jay Moore and "Showtime" Daniel Thomas seize control

In what can only described as the saddest moment in UCW history, Jay Moore Defeated Sarge O'Riley in a match with the stipulation that 100% of UCW Ownership was on the line. The defeat came after a sinister attack on Sarge by "Showtime" Daniel Thomas with a steel chair. This advantage led to Jay Moore pinning Sarge for the win. David Biro, who was special referee, had been handcuffed to the ring ropes and Beaten by Showtime and Jay Moore. What came next was the most evil and vial thing I have ever seen in this sport. Showtime not only forced David Biro to sign over ownership to his company, but made him sign over ownership in Sarge O'Riley's blood, which was flowing from the hard chair shot to the head earlier. The only thing missing from the picture attached is the letters "D.T.A." Don't Trust Anyone!

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