Wednesday, July 30, 2014

WOW Ladies Wrestling Superstar: Tatevik The Gamer

Check out the beautiful Tatevik The Gamer. One of the hottest women wrestlers around. She's the main star for WOW in LA. She's been traveling the country and wrestling coast to coast. She has a very interesting background. 1st ever Armenian ladies wrestler, Defeated TNAs Brittany in her debut match, recently defeated Leilani Kai by submission. 
Tatevik ‘The Gamer’ is an avid video game enthusiast, expert martial artist, and international sensation capturing the hearts of WOW - Women of Wrestling fans everywhere.
Born in Yerevan, Armenia, Tatevik’s parents quickly relocated to the lovely area of Glendale, California. Tatevik’s parents engrained in her the values of their homeland, which kept Tatevik grounded and in-touch with her homeland and its tradition. From an early age, Tatevik showed proficiency in dancing. Her grace and agility allowed her to begin learning contemporary ballet at age five. Then, by age fifteen, Tatevik was dancing the Argentine Tango. She also had the privilege of working with renowned dancer Sergie Tumas.
In 2009, Tatevik made the bold transition into acting in films and television. She quickly had the opportunity to work on several great projects including working on the film, “Rush,” starring Randy “The Natural” Couture and Dolph Lundrgen of “Rocky IV” fame.

In 2010, Tatevik was introduced to world-class martial arts trainer, Benny “The Jet” Urquidez. With Urquidez, Tatevik began extensive training in several forms of martial arts, including kickboxing. Tatevik’s martial arts skills allowed her to become a 6th degree Ukidokan master.
With her background in dance, acting, and martial arts, Tatevik desired a career that would allow her to pursue all of those ventures in one. Thus, Tatevik became a WOW Superhero. In WOW, Tatevik is able to show her graceful side, her charisma, and her intense physicality inside the wrestling ring.  It is the perfect habitat and environment for someone with such an extensive and impressive resume.
Fans are quickly taking to this Armenian-born Superhero, and it is no wonder why when you see her stunning beauty and dazzling personality. Make no mistake, though, this athlete has a competitive side that can carry her to the top. There’s a reason they call her the “Lady with the Lethal Legs!” Watch out, because if you’re not careful, she has a kick waiting with your name on it!

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