Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Southern Premier Wrestling SPW 64: Aug 2nd Bethel Springs, TN Community Center

Southern Premier Wrestling presents SPW 64: It's On Like Donkey Kong! Live! From the Community Center in Bethel Springs, Tennessee on Saturday, August 2, 2014! Tickets are still only $5 with Kids 6 and Under FREE! Doors open at 7:00 PM, with a Bell Time of 8:00 PM!!!

At SPW 63, Liaison to the Senior Partners, Zed Geck...o, attempted to have SPW Senior Official Scott Stevens reverse his decision from the previous week and award the SPW Heavyweight Championship back to "Southern Saint" Cory Daniels. A feat he would have succeeded at had it not been for a ruling by the SPW Board of Directors. What does Gecko have in mind by signing our tag team main event for SPW 64??

Also at SPW 63, Gecko was able to extract revenge upon "The Super Best Friends" Austin Carrier, Fleur de Lethal, and Kellen James for the part they played in Matt Taylor becoming the SPW Heavyweight Champion, by banning Kellen James from the event, forcing Austin Carrier to face "Anarchy" in a handicap match, and assaulting Fleur de Lethal and knocking him unconscious with a pair of brass knuckles. Will "The Super Best Friends" be able to compete this week?

SPW 64 Tag Team Main Event!
SPW Heavyweight Champion, "Matty Ice" Matt Taylor and "Lethal" Steven Davis versus "Southern Saint" Cory Daniels and Shawn Reed w/Katelynn Pryde

SPW West Tennessee Championship Match!
SPW West Tennessee Champion and 1/2 SPW Tag Team Champions, "Drop Dead" Dale Wylde versus "The Lone Wolf" Rickey Smith!

Also in Action:
1/2 SPW Tag Team Champions, K-SWISS
"Psycho Butcher" Andrew Palmer
Anita Paige
Jared Ethan
"The Super Best Friends" of Austin Carrier & Fleur de Lethal w/Kellen James
Kid Thunder
Christian Shane
"Big" Mic Vicious
"King of Violence" Tim Edwards

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