Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Southern Premeir Wrestling SPW 63: FALLOUT! RESULTS


Southern Premier Wrestling
SPW 63: Fallout!
July 26, 2014
Bethel Springs, TN
Bethel Springs Community Center

SPW 63 opened with new SPW Heavyweight Champion, “Matty Ice” Matt Taylor making his way to the ring. Taylor spoke about last week’s show and how winning the SPW Heavyweight Championship was a huge accomplishment in his wrestling career thus far. These comments b...rought out SPW Liaison to the Senior Partners Zed Gecko, “Southern Saint” Cory Daniels, and SPW Premier Pass holder Katelynn Pryde. Gecko stated that, as much as he hated to say it, he couldn’t strip Taylor of the SPW Heavyweight Championship and that the only way the decision could be reversed was if the referee reversed it. Gecko then called out SPW Senior Official Scott Stevens. Stevens said that his decision was final, and there was nothing Gecko could do to change that! Gecko then began to threaten and bully Stevens with actions, including termination, if he didn’t reverse the decision. Before Stevens could speak, Matt Taylor produced a letter from the SPW Board of Directors. The letter stated that the Board upheld the decision of Stevens and that they viewed Taylor as the official SPW Heavyweight Champion. After hearing that, Gecko flipped out, stating that Taylor couldn’t use legalese against him! Gecko immediately barred Taylor’s partner, “Lethal” Steven Davis, Kellen James, and “Psycho Butcher” Andrew Palmer from the building for the evening’s event, so Taylor had no friends to help him, but his co-conspirators, Austin Carrier and Fleur de Lethal. Also, since Carrier and Lethal liked playing “mystery men” in masks, they would both have mystery opponents for the evening. Taylor asks for Gecko not to take it out on Carrier and Lethal, last week was his idea, not theirs. Gecko responds that, according to the document from the Board of Directors, he can’t….but he can give Cory Daniels his legally mandated rematch in the main event! Gecko, Daniels, and Pryde leave the ringside area, as Taylor holds up his championship belt in the center of the ring.

Match 1: “The Lone Wolf” Rickey Smith defeated ½ of the SPW Tag Team Champions K-SWISS, pinning him after connecting with a spear.

Match 2: “Anarchy” of Quiksilver and “King of Violence” Tim Edwards defeated Austin Carrier in a handicap match when Edwards pinned Carrier after connecting with a “Flatliner”.

Match 3: “Big” Mic Vicious w/Christian Shane defeated Jared Ethan, pinning him after connecting with a chain-wrapped fist, followed by a second rope splash. With this loss, Jared Ethan's SPW record became 0-9!

As Fleur de Lethal made his way to the ring for the next contest, he was attacked by Zed Gecko from behind, who repeatedly punched Lethal in the head with a loaded fist. Gecko threw Lethal into the ring and ordered SPW Senior Official Scott Stevens to ring the bell, resulting in the next match.

Match 4: Zed Gecko defeated Fleur de Lethal via passout to the “New York Yanky”.

After the match, Gecko continued his assault on Lethal, forcing SPW Senior Official Scott Stevens to pull Gecko off of Lethal, throwing Gecko across the ring in the process. This brought out Shawn Reed, who pushed Stevens into a corner and began verbally berating him, before Kevin Zion came to the rescue of Stevens, resulting in the next match starting.

Match 5: Shawn Reed defeated Kevin Zion via pinfall with the CB4 Driver. Closing moments of this match saw Shawn Reed remove a turnbuckle pad, exposing the steel buckle. As Zion went for a corner splash, Reed moved and Zion’s head connected directly with the steel. Reed quickly picked up Zion and connected with a sick looking CB4 Driver to score the pinfall.

Match 6: SPW Heavyweight Championship Match-"Matty Ice” Matt Taylor defeated “Southern Saint” Cory Daniels via countout to retain the SPW Heavyweight Championship. Closing moments of this match saw Taylor and Daniels battling on the arena floor. As the two men continued their vicious assault on one another, Scott Stevens got to a count of nine. Hearing that, Taylor cup checked Daniels (retaliation for the numerous low blows Daniels dished out earlier in the match) and rolled back in the ring as referee Stevens reached a 10 count on Daniels, who was still on the arena floor.

While Matt Taylor celebrated his first championship defense, Cory Daniels made his way back into the ring. When Taylor turned around, he was met by a vicious elbow strike, knocking him out cold. This brought out Zed Gecko and SPW Premier Pass holder Katelynn Pryde. Katelynn Pryde handed the Premier Pass to referee Stevens, ready to cash in and become the new SPW Heavyweight Champion, but before Stevens could ring the bell to begin the match, Anita Paige ran from the locker room are and tackled Pryde to the mat! As Paige and Pryde tussled, Cory Daniels grabbed Paige by the hair and picked her up off of Pryde. Once Paige was standing, Daniels grabbed her by the throat. This caused the locker room to empty out, with Rickey Smith, Jared Ethan, Kid Thunder, Austin Carrier, and Kellen James coming to the aid of Paige. Kellen James then grabbed a microphone and finished reading the letter from the SPW Board of Directors that Matt Taylor had started at the beginning of the show, which stated SPW Liaison to the Senior Partners Zed Gecko had been placed on a 90-day probationary period for his actions at “SPW 62: Premier Invitational Gran Prix 2!” Gecko responded by grabbing the letter and ripping it up, saying that letters don’t win battles. Kellen James responded that he agreed, but fists do! With that, Matt Taylor, Anita Paige, Rickey Smith, Jared Ethan, Kid Thunder, and Austin Carrier emptied the ring, chasing Cory Daniels, Zed Gecko, Katelynn Pryde, Shawn Reed, Mic Vicious, and Christian Shane back to the locker room to end the show.

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