Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pictures Of Lance Russell in Memphis Tn.

Hello Wrestling Fans, I recently made a trip back to Memphis for my grandson's wedding and while I was there, I had to visit some of my favorite Memphis landmarks. I can't tell you what a treat it was to drive around Memphis and see some old friends and the city again. I was even more humbled by the fact that there are still a few fans that recognized me and took the time to come up and shake my hand!! Let me tell you, the pleasure was all mine!! So, hope you enjoy the pictures, take care and hope to run into some of you on my next trip back to Memphis. —

 I went by Sun Studios to see these 4 legends. — in Memphis, TN.


What can I say?? Too many fond memories from this place. It brought a tear to my eye!!! I can't tell you how special this building is to me. — in Memphis, TN.

Since the "King of Wrestling" was out of town, I paid a visit to the "King of Rock n' Roll" — in Memphis, TN.

I couldn't go to Memphis without getting some good ole ribs from Charlie's restaurant!!
— in Memphis, TN.

Courtesy of  Lance Russell's Facebook

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