Wednesday, July 30, 2014

NCWA Presents "Strive To Survive" Sept. 27th, Clayton , NC.

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Due to circumstances beyond our control, Jim Neidhart will not be appearing at Strive to Survive. While we were excited to bring Jim in, and we were hopeful that his presence in Clayton would add mainstream exposure to the event, As is always the case in the independent ranks, the card is ALWAYS subject to change, and we wish Mr. Neidhart well in his future endeavors. We are very disappointed that we have to report this, because we’ve been eagerly anticipating delivering to our fans for months now. We did not anticipate this turn of events, and we apologize to all the fans who expected to see Jim Neidhart on Saturday.


The NCWA Board of Directors worked long and hard from the moment we heard that Neidhart was canceling last night until late this afternoon, when we signed“The Native American” TATANKA to appear and wrestle at Clayton Fitness on Saturday night, September 27. TATANKA needs no introduction. The member of the Lumbee Nation was a long-time fixture in the WWE in the early-to-mid 1990s (and had an exciting second act in the mid-2000s). Known for his warrior’s spirit, hard-hitting-style, and his “End of the Trail” samoan drop finisher, Tatanka tangled with the very best the WWE had to offer. From Shawn Michaels to Lex Luger and everyone in between, Tatanka still actively competes in the independent ranks and happily signed on to the event.

At press time, it is not known whether Tatanka has his eye on the NCWA championship held by Justin Flash or the tag straps currently held by the Mid Atlantic Outlaws, or if he’s coming to Clayton for another reason. Wrestling fans will have to come to the Clayton Fitness Center Saturday to find out.