Tuesday, June 24, 2014

USWO results from 6-23 in Millersville, TN

Miss Rachel beat Sin-D in 5:00 with the Fish-N-Chips suplex

Big Time Bubba & USWO Music City Champion Fireball Roberts beat JC Crow (w/Brewster) & Zack Hartnell (w/Jimmy Street) in 9:00 when Bubba pinned Crow with the Bubba Factor

Kitten Kathy beat PGWA Champion Nemesis (w/K-9 Kohl) in 6:00 in a non-title match with a schoolgirl

TNT Mottley beat Zack Hartnell (w/Jimmy Street) by DQ in 9:00 when Street interfered

Kevin Weatherby beat Kevin Dunn and Nick Stanley in a three-way match in 11:00 when he rolled up Dunn for the pin

Josh Crow beat John Wayne Murdoch (w/Jimmy Street) in 15:00 with the Crowdriver

Justin Grandberry beat LT Falk in 8:00 with a First Class Backslide

The next USWO event at the SAWmill will be Saturday 7/12

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