Sunday, June 22, 2014

UCW Union City, TN results and pics Saturday night June 21

UCW is building momentum each and every week. Tonight was no different. Five big matches topped the card and the night was nothing short of electric.

Match 1- Jd Wolfe Vs JP Fantastic. This match was considered a grudge match due to last Saturday Night's attack by Wolfe on JP with a metal bar. JP was ready for a fight and Wolfe was waiting. Wolfe bore the brunt of the initial attack but was able to hit JP with an hard hitting spear as JP leaped off the ropes towards him. Wolfe did not feel this was enough of an advantage and went for the metal pipe once again. One big swing and a miss was all it took for JP to hit a big boot to Wolfe's jaw. A quick cover and a 3 count JP Fantastic takes the win.

Match 2- Xander Legend Vs Dalton Diamond. Diamond made his UCW debut tonight and was a diamond in the rough so to speak. Even though he had never been here before the crowd gave him the support he needed. Xander was out of sorts as Jay Moore was not present. Xander did everything in his power to take Diamond down but to no avail. In what can only be described as the oddest weapon ever pulled from under a ring, Xander brought out a back scratchier to try and take out Diamond. To say the least Diamond was able to avoid being struck and hit a fisherman suplex on Xander for the win.

In what could be called the upset of the year, the new tag team Lethal Injection defeated one half of the WMD's to become the New UCW Tag Team Champions.

Here is how the events transpired. J Weezy came to the ring to announce that his manager Jay Moore would not be in attendance due to illness. In a strange turn, Weezy also said he had no clue as to the whereabouts of his partner, The Boss. Weezy was just about to step out of the ring when he was confronted by the WMD's scheduled opponents Lethal Injection Brad and Briar Mercury. Brad took the mic and he and his brother Briar began to challenge Weezy to step up and defend the Tag Belts as scheduled. Weezy was skeptical about a decision, but he became angry when the crowd began chanting "chicken" directed at him. We all know words can not hurt us, but they can make us make the wrong decisions. In what would be found later to be a wrong decision, Weezy accepted the challenge and defended the belts solo.

Weezy did not lay down and give in, he fought tooth and nail, but he was overcome by the youth of this newly formed team of Brad and Briar Mercury, the Lethal Injection. With a well placed high knee from the top rope, Brad Mercury took out Weezy. The referee counted 1...2...3... and UCW has new Tag Team Champions.

Match 4- Canadian Champion Tony Flood Vs Zach O'Brien. In a rematch from last week Zach was back to try and take the Canadian Champion down a peg. Last week Tony took advantage of distracting Zach and the referee with valet before hitting Zach with a low blow with the Canadian Flag. Tonight Tony came in full of Canadian pride and began antagonizing the crowd. Zach came in a house of fire and looked to be on his way to a victory. Tony is a shrewd competitor and tried to use the same advantage of his valet as he did last week. Zach not one to be tricked the same way twice caught on to Tony's plan. What Zach didn't expect was for Tony not to hit him with the flag, but throw it in to his hands, and fall to the mat. The referee turned around seeing Tony lying on the mat holding his jaw and Zach holding the flag that was tossed to him. Believing Zach had used the flag as a weapon The referee disqualified Zach awarding the match to Tony Flood. Once again Tony proved he will do whatever it takes to stay the Canadian Champion.

Main Event- UCW Championship on the line. Champion Anton Leveigh Vs Big Red. Big Red has been on a rampage since his UCW return. That rampage has led him to this opportunity at the UCW Championship. The only obstacle in his way is the Champion Anton Leveigh. Anton has proved week in and week out why he has the belt and that even the bigger men in UCW will not walk over him. Anton through everything at Red that he could, multiple kicks and punches, but Red kept coming. Red was able to tone down Anton's kicks with a well placed choke slam. As Red appeared to have the match in control, Mr Biro made his way to the ring carrying a steel chair. Mr. Biro let Red know he was there and dropped the chair next to the ropes as Anton was making his way to his feet. Red grabbed the chair and wound up, attempting to hit Anton. Anton saw this coming and hit the chair with a spin kick knocking it back into Red's face. Anton took the advantage and covered Red for the 1...2... 3.... Anton retains the UCW Championship. Red was not happy with Mr. Biro. Red left Mr Biro with a cryptic message. Red told Mr Biro that “I am going to take over UCW, and I am not alone.” What this means is unknown at this time but only time will tell.

Derrick O'Dell
Wrestling News Center

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