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UCW Union City, TN Results and Pics Sat Night 06/14/14

The Event started with Mr. Biro gloating over the defeat of Becky Biro last week at PoppaMania. While doing so he called out his ace in the hole, Jay Moore. The sheer evil intentions Jay Moore has for UCW is what drives him to bring in the most destructive forces he can muster. This week his intention was to thank Big Red and Sarge O'Riley for their treachery and assistance in bringing UCW to it's knees.

 The nights first match involved Xander Legend facing Big Billy. The two have not met until tonight, but the fight each one put up was like they have been battling for years. Jay Moore is Xander's second and more than made up for his cut of Xander's winnings. Jay Moore in a last ditch effort to take down Billy threw powder into Billy's face. Billy backed away from Xander and as he did Xander hit Billy with “The Pie in the Sky”taking the win.

 The second match of the evening had JP Fantastic facing JD Wolfe. Wolfe has been on a streak of viciousness since he entered UCW. His size and ill temperament have not made him any friends. In this match up, JP was out to exact some revenge for past transgressions by Wolfe in prior matches. Tonight JD Wolfe took no chances in losing and used a chain to punch JP's ticket for the match win.

 In the third match of the evening , “Canada's Premier Athlete”Tony Flood met Zach O'Brien. Tony, who is the Canadian Champion placed his championship on the line and Zach gave every bit of his heart into trying to take Tony down. Tonight Tony was to crafty for Zach and took the win with a low blow and leg sweep using the Canadian flag he had brought to the ring. This was not “ Canada's Premier Athlete” Finest moment, but he retained his title none the less with this win.

The fourth match of the evening was for the UCW Tag Team Championship. The Champions, The WMD's with Jay Moore vs Lethal Injection, Brad and Briar Mercury. Lethal Injection started the match off in a flurry that sent the WMD's reeling. This offensive flurry only led to infuriating The WMD's and the match pace changed quickly. In a barrage of attacks Brad was dismantled slowly and methodically. Briar tried to make his way into the match but was not allowed due to not being tagged in. Finally, when Brad seemed to be on his last legs, he made the tag to Briar. Briar came in and was able to throw off the WMD's momentum only shortly. With a Boss Bomb on Brad. The WMD's retained the titles. However, Lethal Injection was not done. They were able to embarrass the Boss when Brad ducked a chair shot by Weezy, which led to The Boss being taken down by the blow. Briar then hit Weezy with a “Code Breaker” with the chair. Brad and Briar covered the WMD's in an attempt to show them they could actually be beat. The WMD's retain the titles.

 The Main Event was supposed to be Anton Leveigh facing Big Red. Due to illness Anton could not make the event. Red challenged any member of NRG that would accept. Out came Dell Tucker. These two have had numerous battles in the past and tonight they each put on a display worthy of any main event in the business. Red is a powerhouse and used that to his advantage when he could actually catch Dell, who does not stay in one place for long. Tonight Red was in a foul mood and not to be trifled with. He was able to put Dell down with a heavy handed choke slam. But Red was not done there. He took out each and every referee and then turned his sights on Dell. Red pulled in a ladder and placed Dell in between it. Red proceeded to bash the ladder on Dell's back. In a final attempt to end Dell, Red placed the ladder in the corner and through Dell Through it. Dell was left lying in the ring and had to be assisted to the back. Red takes the win, even though it was tainted.

Derrick O'Dell
Wrestling News Center

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