Sunday, June 29, 2014

UCW Union City, TN Results and Pics from Sat June 28th

In Sarge's first appearance since Poppa Mania he has now declared himself as "Sexy Papi" Zach was his first victim of his newly found treacherous ways. Zach was beaten by the use of a steel chain.

 The match was nothing more than an all out brawl. When it spilled to the floor Billy was able to make in back in the ring just before the 10 count. Red was not so lucky. Billy declared the winner by count out.

 With Jay Moore by his side The Boss attempted to take out what he says is the weak link in the WMD's, J Weezy. It appeared this was about to happen until Weezy took the chair from the Boss and exacted some revenge for himself. The Boss was awarded the match via disqualification.

Jd Wolfe hit JP with an out of no where spear for the win.

Main Event for the UCW Tag Championships. Lethal Injection retained the Titles after a "curb stomp" on Xander Legend.

Derrick O'Dell
Wrestling News Center

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