Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Southern Premier Wrestling SPW 58 Results Saturday June 21

Courtesy of SPW Facebook.

Southern Premier Wrestling
SPW 58: Know Your Enemy!
June 21, 2014
Selmer, TN
Selmer Community Center

Match 1: “K-SWISS” Kirk Stanley defeated Jared Ethan via pinfall after connecting with the G.F.O.A.T. “Greatest Finisher Of All Time”. For the fourth week in a row, Jared Ethan came to ringside and issued an open challenge. Ethan said he didn’t care who answered it this time, his losing streak was about to be over. “K-SWISS” accepted the challenge, and though Ethan put up a valiant effort, he fell victim to the G.F.O.A.T. to make his SPW record 0-5.

Match 2: Quiksilver w/Tim Edwards defeated “Mr. Amazing” Marcus Emerick, pinning him after hitting him with a low blow behind the back of the official, followed by “The Famouser”.

Match 3: “Psycho Butcher” Andrew Palmer defeated “Pure Violence” Tim Edwards w/Quiksilver via pinfall with a schoolboy, after Edwards accidentally collided with Quiksilver, who was standing on the ring apron.

Match 4: SPW Tag Team Championship Match-Christian Shane and “Big” Mic Vicious defeated “The Super Best Friends” of Austin Carrier and Fleur de Lethal w/Kellen James to become the new SPW Tag Team Champions, when Vicious pinned Lethal after Shane had connected with a shoulder breaker to Lethal. Before the match got underway, Shane and Vicious attacked The “Super Best Friends” and brawled to the outside. While outside the ring, Shane picked up Lethal and rammed him shoulder first into the steel ring post several times. Lethal had to be taken to the locker room, so Austin Carrier was left to battle Shane and Vicious alone. Shane and Vicious double teamed Carrier for several minutes before he was able to connect with a spinning cutter to Shane, followed by a spinning sideslam to Vicious. Fleur de Lethal made his way back to ringside and tagged himself in, only to be met with a shoulder breaker to the already injured shoulder by Shane. Vicious then covered Lethal to score the victory.

Match 5: SPW West Tennessee Championship Match-"Drop Dead” Dale Wylde defeated “The Lone Wolf” Rickey Smith to retain the SPW West Tennessee Championship, pinning him after connecting with “The D” arm-trap fisherman buster. These two men literally hit each other with everything they had, with this match featuring hard chop exchanges, a brawl all over the ringside area, a vicious belly-to-belly over the top rope to the ramp by Wylde to Smith, and even Wylde attempting a top-rope moonsault! Closing moments of this match saw Smith miss a top rope swanton, allowing Wylde to capitalize and connect with “The D” for the victory.

Match 6: SPW Heavyweight Championship Match-"Lethal” Steven Davis defeated Cory Daniels w/Katelynn Pryde by disqualification due to interference from Christian Shane and “Big” Mic Vicious. Since a championship cannot change hands on a disqualification, Daniels retained the SPW Heavyweight Championship.
After the match, Shane and Vicious held Davis in the ropes while Daniels connected with multiple “Roaring Elbows” to the head of Davis. Shane and Vicious then connected with a lifting cutter on Davis before Austin Carrier, Fleur de Lethal, Andrew Palmer, Kellen James, and Anita Paige made their way to ringside to help the unconscious Steven Davis. Kellen James grabbed the microphone and issued a challenge for a trios tag team match at SPW 59, with the team of “Lethal” Steven Davis, Austin Carrier, and Fleur de Lethal w/Kellen James and Anita Paige against the team of SPW Heavyweight Champion Cory Daniels and SPW Tag Team Champions, Christian Shane and Mic Vicious w/ Katelynn Pryde.

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