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Southern Premier Wrestling Selmer, TN. SPW 57 Results

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Southern Premier Wrestling
SPW 57: Saturday the 14th Part II-Mixed Tag Massacre
June 14, 2014
Selmer, TN
Selmer Community Center

Match 1: “The Lone Wolf” Rickey Smith defeated Jared Ethan with a schoolboy. Once again, Jared Ethan opened up the show by issuing a challenge, this time to any wrestler in the SPW locker room…EXCEPT Matt Taylor. The challenge was answered by “The Lone Wolf” Rickey Smith, who was able to catch Ethan off guard with a rollup to score the victory.

Match 2: SPW West Tennessee Championship Match-"Drop Dead” Dale Wylde defeated Austin Carrier w/Kellen James and Fleur de Lethal to retain the SPW West Tennessee Championship, pinning him after connecting with “The D” arm-trap fisherman buster.
After the match, as Kellen James was checking on Austin Carrier, Christian Shane and “Big” Mic Vicious made their way to ringside. Shane immediately took Fleur de Lethal and rammed him head-first into the steel ring post. This left Austin Carrier to be victim to a vicious 2-on-1 assault, as Vicious connect with a front-fall powerslam and two second-rope splashes before standing Carrier up so that Shane could connect with his patented spear. Vicious and Shane held up the tag team championship belts over the fallen champions before making their way back to the locker room. Carrier and Lethal had to be helpled back to the locker room by SPW Security.

Match 3: “K-SWISS” Kirk Stanley defeated “Mr. Amazing” Marcus Emerick, pinning him after connecting with the “G.F.O.A.T” (Greatest Finisher Of All Time).

Match 4: “Big” Mic Vicious w/Christian Shane defeated “The Grappler” Kevin McQueen via pinfall after connecting with a front-fall powerslam, followed by a second-rope splash.
After the match, Austin Carrier and Fleur de Lethal attacked Christian Shane and Mic Vicious in retaliation for their assault earlier in the night. Lethal pushed Shane off of the top rope and began connecting with right hands, while Carrier cornered Vicious and delivered several corner splashes. Carrier then hoisted up Shane and delivered a Samoan Drop, Carrier followed that with a devastating chokeslam to Vicious. Kellen James joined Carrier and Lethal in the ring to celebrate their counterattack, before making their way back to the locker room.

Match 5: “Psycho Butcher” Andrew Palmer defeated Quiksilver via pinfall with a “Blue Thunder Bomb”. These two men went back and forth for nearly 15 minutes, with several near falls between the two, before Palmer was able to counter a Lariat attempt by Quiksilver into the “Blue Thunder Bomb” for the victory.

Match 6: Mixed Tag Team Match-"Lethal” Steven Davis and Anita Paige w/Kellen James and “Matty Ice” Matt Taylor defeated SPW Heavyweight Champion Cory Daniels and Katelynn Pryde when Davis pinned Daniels after connecting with the “Overdose” running Asai-DDT. This match started out as a brawl as Davis and Paige attacked Daniels and Pryde before the bell even rang! Davis threw Daniels outside and connected with a suicide dive while Paige roughed up Pryde in the ring. Referee Scott Stevens finally got the match started, with Daniels taking advantage with a low-blow to Davis while referee Stevens was separating Paige and Pryde. Daniels and Pryde worked over the back of Davis, relying on double teams and underhandedness to keep their advantage, until Davis was finally able to tag Paige, who went on the offensive against Pryde. Pryde was able to slow Paige with an eyerake and tag in Daniels, who grabbed Paige by the hair and threatened to punch her. Paige ducked the punch and tagged Davis, who was able to connect with a quick spin kick to the abdomen of Daniels, followed by the “Overdose” to pick up the victory. The show closed with Paige and Davis celebrating in the middle of the ring, with Davis holding up the SPW Heavyweight Championship belt.

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