Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mark Justice Responds About Being Arrested For Allegedly Stealing A Phone



. Sherry found a galaxy note3 phone in a buggy at Walmart as we were on the way to a wrestling show... we were in a hurry so i put the phone in my pocket till i finished shopping and was intending to turn it in as i checked out but forgot about it being in my pocket... we tried to unlock the phone to access the contacts and the phone took the pics and sent them to the owner of the phone... the publicity went out on FB and even the dyersburg gazzett... so i get a FB message from the Dburg police that we are wanted for felony theft... the phone has been returned to the police dept and we will know what the Grand Jury decides sometime next month... if you need further information mail call or text me and dont assume you know whats going on and run your mouth.
                                                                                Mark Fleming

 (There's a difference between STEALING and FINDING A phone... I do believe they will be found not guilty of the charges.) 

Here's the link to the story from the Dyersburg Gazette

 Ark. couple indicted for stealing smart phone

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Anonymous said...

too bad you cant steal some wrestling talent!