Sunday, June 29, 2014

Magnificent Ladies of Wrestling Celebrates!!


 Message From MLOW

June 21st marks the 1year anniversary of The Queen of Destruction Destiny First year of ownership of Magnificent Ladies of Wrestling!! She is the owner , operator, and one of the wrestlers at MLOW!! Destiny and the wrestlers, crew, staff , fans , and customers have worked so hard this year to bring pride, dignity, and respect back to female wrestling and to the wrestling business. The company has been a huge success despite others tactics and schemes. Destiny motto is to give back respect, honesty , loyalty, and Quality of Wrestling! To be tough stand firm in your believes and your sport and TO NEVER GIVE UP!! She is pushing and fighting everyday to bring "old school wrestling" back the way it used to be with one exception and that's to show that females belong and work just as hard and should be respected by their peers in this business. She is also showing the ladies what it is to be a family bond together and have each other's back. As the first year as MLOW Owner Destiny reflects back on the success and growth of ladies wrestling and the many wonderful people who have been apart of the journey and companies success. Destiny quotes " With success of mlow comes a lot more responsibility and more knowledge as I started on this journey I didn't have a clue what all was in store for me but was ready for the challenge. I made mistakes but that was a learning process. The website was a huge challenge for me and we are still adding to it we plan on having a mobile app etc within the next couple of months and a whole new look. I wanted to bring old school back to wrestling and we are now making progress slow but surely I was trained old school and I expect all the ladies and gentlemen at MLoW to do the same.

 I am proud to say that we not only have grown as a company but have paid it forward as well by doing benefits for the veterans, orphanages, St.Judes, nursing homes , families tornado victims and local school and everyone loves the reward of feeling like they have given back. We have had many challenges and obstacles but we have overcome them and will continue to do just that all the amazing people that re associated with MLOW and the future participants can move mountains and we are doing that by Loyalty, Respect, Honesty and being a tight kept family. I am relentless and do not know the word NO or CANT so with that being said The Future of Women's Wrestling is looking bright. MLOW and myself is featured in the upcoming documentary film and book by princess Victoria and Chris Amnino!! I'm very excited that we have interviews and footage featured in this. We have over 100 wrestlers in our company women and men across the world which you can see on the mLOW website or in worldwide Indy House Shows. As I entered the building at Mlow on our Anniversary I cried because not only had we made it a year but we are soaring with so many upcoming events and our MLOW 

Ladies Tour is about to begin so that everyone worldwide can see the amazing talent. As everyone starts to arrive the congrats started coming and the more tears I shed. The talent had surprised me with a huge cake and cards !! It was the most amazing feeling. I love Wrestling and it's my passion not just a hobby. I embarked on this journey so that every female could have a place they called home and the new talent would have a place to learn and have more experience in our business. After the ladies speeches and hugs I knew I had accomplished what I set out to do. The girls all laughed because I kept saying we accomplished this and that and they all said NO Destiny you did it but like I told them NO We did it I purchased the company but it took all of us past and present to make it work!!! I LOVE ALL MY FAMILY AT MLOW TALENT,CREW, CUSTOMERS AND FANS!!! 

I am so proud of our growth but the most important part is that everyone is a family and the past,present , and future will be the same as well!! As the taping wraps up I invited everyone to come to the house and swim , eat, and relax till we had to go to the show at ASW later that evening and they did just that we had a blast we all were smiling happy and making jokes !! That is what a family is all about spending outside of the ring together a bond that can never be broken. So as I end my story I want to Thank everyone involved with our sport,company, and MLOW and for Wrestling news Center for all your support!!! Help us make this Year even Bigger we do regular matches, hardcore matches,strap matches, street fight matches, lumberjack matches, battle royals and starting to do cage matches as well!!! Support your local talent and MLOW as well!!! Thanks for all your support and love !! We love you all !! I want to say a special thanks to Brian Reese RIP my brother and also for all the help and support they have shown for us and that's Vicki Otis aka Princess Victoria And Chris Annino

 Check out our website at Magnificent Ladies of would like to say congratulations to "Queen of Destruction" Destiny for First year of ownership of Magnificent Ladies of Wrestling!

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