Monday, June 23, 2014

Kenny Valiant's Companion Tina Bandy Passes Away

Retired Pro Wrestler Luscious Kenny Valiant‘s partner, companion, friend, soul mate, Tina Bandy Valiant passed away last month,.  Tina kept Kenny going and  was involved in some way at every wrestling event. Kenny promoted and wrestled for almost 23 years, With Tina by his side through the good and bad as they traveled all over the south. Tina passed away of a heart attack last month while she was sleeping at the age of 48. Tina and Kenny had no insurance at the time of her death so of any of his friends, fans, promoters or other workers would like to make a donation you can go by or call the Regions Bank and tell the bank teller that you want to make a donation to Charles K. Clayton for Tina Bandy or send money to Memorial Fund For Tina Bandy to:  Charles K. Clayton,  800 Clayton Avenue ,Tupelo, Ms, 38804. A memorial show is in the works for her ,be sure to stay tune to for more information soon.  

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