Wednesday, June 25, 2014


The night opened with Soultaker and Izzy Rotten coming to the table and Rotten singing a belated Happy Birthday to Soultaker. Bonecrusher and Cassanova Kidd came out and told them they wanted a title shot and they responded with they would give them one if one of them could beat the opponent they brought to the ring. Kidd told them to bring it on and Izzy Rotten brought out Nutbush. Kidd beat his opponent in record time with 1 2 3 blows.... As you can see Taker and Rotten were none to happy with his losing in that manner. Wow .... Makes you rethink your friends huh.... Can't we all get along ???? div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">
Mitch Toretta went against newcomer O'Shea. He was taking it to Toretta but it quickly turned to all Toretta's with him getting the pin fall.
This match was a continuing feud between Buzz Harley w/ Smooth and Tommy Knox. Harley got the win in this one with the help of Smooth. He challenged both of them to a handicap match on July 12th. They agreed to the challenge staring they would destroy him.
The semi main was a tag team title match between the champions Hollywood Clique members Soultaker and Izzy Rotten w/ Smooth taking on Bonecrusher and Cassanova Kidd. Everyone knows the history between these four competitors, they totally hate each other. This one was a slug fest from the beginning bell. In the end Bone and Kidd thought they had the pin fall after an attempted interference went backwards. Izzy Rotten's brother Johnny Rotten aka (Nutbush) came out and tossed the belt to the wrong person after Izzy had pulled the referee in front of him to absorb a splash from Bone. Bone used a page out of the clique's book and smacked Rotten with the belt. referee turtle came from the back and counted the 1 2 3 giving us new champs. Referee Coach Mann who is no relation to Kross Mann reversed the decisions saying Rotten pulled him in front of him. He said the titles would not change hands due to a DQ. Bone and Kidd were livid at his reversal.
The main event was supposed to be a non DQ... falls count anywhere... no time limit between Brody hawk and the EPW Heavyweight Champion Bill Superstar Dundee. Smooth came out to tell the fans that Dundee wasn't there due to the fact that he was in Hollywood doing a screen test or some lame excuse. He announced that he has someone to take Dundee's place. He brought out a massive opponent by the name of V Man. These two went at it in the ring and out of the ring giving the fans one heck of a match up. When out of the back a familiar face attacked Hawk from behind with a metal object. The face was none other than Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock who hasn't been seen since Hawk made him into a human roman candle a few weeks ago. He vowed revenge against Hawk and was there to collect it as he brought the entire Clique to the ring and they each mounted an attack on Hawk. It was so vicious and brutal to watch it is difficult to watch. They completely destroyed Hawk's knee as his pain was evident in his screams with each blow that was administered. The voice of Blaylock on the mic as he belted out instructions to his group of assassins was so calculated it was sickening to hear as he offered $40.000 to anyone who ended the career of Brody Hawk. Finally as Axeman rang the bell the dressing room came to the aid of Hawk but the damage had been done. Blaylock of course had left ringside by that point leaving V Man to question Axeman to where his 40 was. Axeman told him Blaylock left with it but he didn't accept that explanation and hit an unsuspecting Axeman. Both men had to be taken out on stretchers by security and the dressing. room. I have tried to get reports on each this week but at this time I have not been able to find out their conditions. These photos show the brutality of the attacks. Unbelievable........

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