Tuesday, June 17, 2014


The opening match was between Beau James and newcomer Jacob Booth. The rookie of the two took it to the veteran but in the end James took the win by pin fall.
This match was between Izzy Rotten and 1/2 of The Hale County Misfits Jai Web. Izzy Rotten ended up with the win in this one due to outside interference from Beau James. This set in motion a tag match for later on in the night between Web and his partner Chop taking on rotten and James.
This one was a rematch from the previous week between Buzz Harley w/Smooth going against a high flying Tommy Knox. If you saw the action the week before Harley attacked Knox at the announcer's table stating he didn't like him and never would. They slugged this one out inside and outside the ring. Harley ended up getting the win with a questionable hand raising by the referee. Knox contested that Harley pulled his tights in order to get the victory. This one is far from over between these two guys.
The semi main event was between The Hale County Misfits Jay Web and Chop taking on the tag team of Izzy Rotten and Beau James w/Smooth. This one was back and forth between these two tag teams but in the end it was Rotten and James getting the 1 2 3.
The main event was a heavyweight title match between the current champ Bill "Superstar" Dundee w/Smooth going against the challenger Brody Hawk. This one was a ruff house from the start. Smooth made his usual contributions through out the match. As it appeared that Hawk had the upper hand Smooth jumped into the ring giving Hawk the win by DQ. Hawk claimed the title but referee Turtle told him that he would not be awarded the belt due to a DQ. Promoter Edith Poole came to the table and informed Dundee that Hawk would have a rematch this Saturday night due to the interference from Smooth. She also let them know it would be a NO DQ... FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH. Poole also took possession of the title belt until this week. Who will wear the EPW Heavyweight Championship Belt after this week....Dundee or Hawk??????

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