Saturday, June 21, 2014

Breaking News out of UCW Union City, TN Sat June 21st

In what could be called the upset of the year, the new tag team Lethal Injection defeated one half of the WMD's to become the New UCW Tag Team Champions.

Here is how the events transpired. J Weezy came to the ring to announce that his manager Jay Moore would not be in attendance due to illness. In a strange turn, Weezy also said he had no clue as to the whereabouts of his partner, The Boss. Weezy was just about to step out of the ring when he was confronted by the WMD's scheduled opponents Lethal Injection Brad and Briar Mercury. Brad took the mic and he and his brother Briar began to challenge Weezy to step up and defend the Tag Belts as scheduled. Weezy was skeptical about a decision, but he became angry when the crowd began chanting "chicken" directed at him. We all know words can not hurt us, but they can make us make the wrong decisions. In what would be found later to be a wrong decision, Weezy accepted the challenge and defended the belts solo.

Weezy did not lay down and give in, he fought tooth and nail, but he was overcome by the youth of this newly formed team of Brad and Briar Mercury, the Lethal Injection. With a well placed high knee from the top rope, Brad Mercury took out Weezy. The referee counted 1...2...3... and UCW has new Tag Team Champions.

Derrick O'Dell
Wrestling News Center

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